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100 years ago: Struggling student deals with typhoid fever

October 11, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Oct. 11, 1910: “Critically ill with typhoid, destitute in a strange town, and without hope of financial assistance from the struggling family at home, is the pathetic situation which Harvey Powell, a university student, is bravely facing. Powell is the student who succumbed to typhoid at 1332 Conn. street Sunday whose case was so gravely regarded by physicians yesterday. Today he is slightly better, and with proper attention and nourishment has a fighting chance for life. The case is almost tragic. Coming to Lawrence with but a pitiful $15 with which to bear his immediate expenses, Powell was finally successful in finding odd jobs. Just as he was able to fight out the battle and maintain himself in school, he was taken sick, and the remnants of his money faded away with almost his first day’s illness. His mother confesses that the struggle at home is so relentless that little financial assistance can be expected from that quarter.... There is a movement brewing today to draft an ordinance requiring the elimination of all moving picture films showing scalping scenes, murder, robbery and similar views of bloodshed. In this connection a censorship may be established. However, nothing will be done until the return of Mayor Bishop.”


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