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40 years ago: KU, K-State both jolted by conference probation

October 8, 2010


After the recent fire at the Renz Apartment, inspectors were working their way through a list of 22 apartment complexes to learn if any were in violation of building codes. Of the six complexes inspected so far, inspectors had discovered violations in three. The inspections were not broad-ranging, but rather were focused on methods of exit from buildings in case of fire, as well as adequate doors leading to individual units to impede a fire’s progress.

Merchants on East 23rd Street were happy to learn that the K-10 road project would probably be wrapped up in another two weeks. Businesses along that stretch of 23rd had been suffering for lack of traffic.

As they prepared for their annual Sunflower State battle, KU and Kansas State were “jolted” by an announcement from the Big Eight conference. K State had been placed under no-bowl, no-television probation for a three-year period, and KU was placed under all-sports, no-sanction probation for two years. Recruiting and entrance requirement violations were the main basis for the punishments.


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