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KU Office of Study Abroad issues alert on travel concerns

The 95 KU students studying abroad in Europe received an e-mail from the university cautioning them and giving them safety trips for travel.

October 7, 2010


The Office of Study Abroad at Kansas University sent e-mails to 95 students in Europe after the U.S. State Department issued travel alerts there. The e-mails come after heightened threats of a terrorist attack in Europe.

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The study abroad office notes that it doesn’t plan to cancel any of its programs in Europe. The staff, however, does ask students to follow several safety precautions:

• Be informed of local conditions.

• Maintain a low profile.

• Avoid tourist areas or being with large groups of Americans.

• Be aware of surroundings.

• Keep in contact with family, friends back home and the study abroad office.

Laura Sather, a KU junior, is spending the semester in Leicester, England, about two hours north of London. She says she already follows many of the safety precautions.

“They tell you to maintain a low profile, to not stick out like a sore thumb, to be vigilant,” Sather said. “I feel like you should be doing those things anyway when you travel.”

The State Department’s travel alert lasts until Jan. 31, 2011. The Office of Study Abroad says the alert won’t likely affect the next round of students going abroad at the beginning of the year.


Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 7 years, 8 months ago

Any American that leaves this country, with conditions as they are, is a fool. Terrorism is everywhere, as we saw on 9/11, but it is much worse in other countries than it is here. To send young college students out of America is foolhardy at the least. Thank you, Lynn

OzD 7 years, 8 months ago

As of October 2009, there were just over 30,000 troops in Afghanistan from 31 different European countries. Since the start of military operations in Afghanistan there have been just over 600 deaths of European troops from 19 different countries. So, when you say that "Europe" doesn't support us, do you really mean just Russia, Serbia and Belarus? Or, is there some form of support that's required above and beyond having people die for the cause?

One factor mentioned in some of the chatter about the travel advisory is that a country's participation in the effort in Afghanistan can make that country a more likely target of a terror attack.

So, send your soldiers into harm's way as part of an allied military effort, but get nothing but scorn from some of your ally's citizens AND put your country at an increased risk of terror attack. With attitudes like lawrenceguy40's, it's amazing any other country gives us the time of day. Amazing ingratitude. I guess the Danes have been topping the happiness rankings lately because lawrenceguy40 has refused to visit (and doesn't post on their message boards).

Lynn, if you hide under the covers every time Bin Ladin says "boo", you're doing most of his job for him. Whatever happened to "these colors don't run"? Vigilance, not fear. This is America, we can't be brought to our knees, unless if we drop to them ourselves.

coolhandluke 7 years, 8 months ago

I cannot believe how ignorant this statement is. First of all, the statement "it is much worse in other countries than it is here" is a blanket statement that shows just how oblivious many people are to the fact that there are hundreds of diverse countries outside of the US borders and grouping them all together displays ignorance. Canada has had zero terrorist attacks by foreign nationals in the past ten years (unless you count American anarchists causing chaos at the G20 summit). That's at least 2 less than the United States. So should all Canadians avoid the United States for fear of being killed in a terrorist attack?

Encouraging people to travel and study abroad would actually be a good step forward in enlightening those with the types of views that you express and help people realize that there is a whole world outside the borders of the United States that does not involve the terrorist threats and attacks that you see every night on CNN. What the US requires in it's "war on terrorism" is help building relations with those outside of the borders of the 50 states instead of trying to paint everyone else as a "terrorist" and engaging in fear-mongering.

CreatureComforts 7 years, 8 months ago

Wow...really? I travel internationally every 6-8 weeks for my job, anywhere from Mexico and Canada to China, India, Saudi Arabia, Australia and even Angola twice. Nothing has ever happened to me. Ever. The closest thing I have ever come to danger was getting robbed at knife my hometown of Boston, USA.

I will continue to travel abroad. I will be in London next week and Bucharest in 4 weeks, and don't have a single fear.

JHawker 7 years, 8 months ago

I recommend to all students to travel and study abroad at some point in their life, particularly before entering the "real world." I myself have studied in at five different times - all of which were after 9/11. I have also traveled through Europe many times prior to 9/11. So long as people (Americans, Europeans, everyone) is aware of surroundings and does not make a point to stick out, ie. is not obnoxious and acting as a 'stereotypical american' - as foreigners would say, they will be fine. It is absurd to think it is "foolhardy" to travel outside of the country. Terrorism is just as bad in the states and I personally feel 100% safe in Europe - where I am currently living after recently graduating from KU. I commend anyone who does not let these terror alerts stop them from having the experience of a lifetime and broadening their horizons.

windex 7 years, 8 months ago

You must be very brave to go so far away. Most of us will just stay right here in the midwest where nothing bad can possibly happen to us except that we might die of boredom. But at least we'll be safe, right?

somedude20 7 years, 8 months ago

last time I studied a broad I passed but got the clap...stinks!

Shardwurm 7 years, 8 months ago

There's only one thing that can be done under these circumstances - RAISE TUITION!

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