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25 years ago: KU grad discovers asteroid, names it ‘Kansas’

October 1, 2010


At a day-long conference on “high technology” at Kansas University, legislators, university faculty, and business leaders were told that Kansas must spend more money and more time on technology development, or lose out on “brain drain” to other states.

A long-awaited study on a new Kansas Turnpike interchange had been mailed to county officials, but the officials said they had not yet received the report. Both supporters and opponents were eagerly awaiting the report because it could help determine a route for the controversial southwestern bypass.

A new asteroid, discovered by Hays native and 1978 KU graduate David Tholen, had been given the name “Kansas” by its discoverer. Kansas was a “typical main belt asteroid,” about ten miles in diameter, spinning on its axis every few hours and having a circular orbit with a radius of about 225 million miles.


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