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Kansas dentist pushes for new level of dental care

November 30, 2010


— A Pittsburg dentist realizes he's in the minority when he advocates for a new level of dental care to fill huge service gaps across Kansas.

But Daniel Minnis says the lack of dental services in rural areas of the state can't be ignored, and there just aren't enough dentists to go around.

Minnis supports introducing registered dental practitioners to perform routine procedures under the guidance of a dentist. But many of his colleagues don't think that's the way to resolve the shortage in Kansas.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that Kansas is one of five states receiving funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to raise awareness of oral health challenges and lobby for dental therapists.

Fifteen rural Kansas counties don't have a dentist.


christy kennedy 7 years, 6 months ago

Of course his colleagues don't think it's a good idea the same way some doctors don't want people to be seen by nurse practitioners, physician's assistants or naturopaths, even though many of us receive some, most, or all of our care from these practitioners. And when the alternative is NO CARE AT ALL . . . I think Dr. Minnis is thinking of under- and unserved patients first and sees a partial fix—with, I assume, the hope of better access to dental care for all in the future—as a step in the right direction. Fifteen rural counties with no dentist? Yeah, I'd go and take my kids to someone who could help us with routine care and recommend what to do/who to see (and help those seeking free or low cost dental care) if something serious was going on. Maybe dentists who don't like this proposal have a better idea? Either way, they should participate in some way and help create solutions to this problem.

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