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Back to basics

The bounty of blessings we celebrate on Thanksgiving have little to do with material wealth.

November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving is a great time to get back to the basics and pay tribute to the everyday blessings so many of us enjoy.

The government experts as well as local retailers are telling us the economy is showing signs of improvement, but many Americans are still feeling the need to tighten their belts (except maybe after dinner today!).

When many people can’t afford to seek pleasure by purchasing expensive material goods, they may find some comfort and satisfaction in the less-expensive facets of the good life.

A special meal with family or friends doesn’t need to be extravagant. Sharing time and food with those you care about is one of the greatest traditions of Thanksgiving. If you’re fortunate, you might even find a television and some fellow fans with whom to share a football game.

If you’re not into football, maybe you can take a walk and visit with someone you’d like to spend more time with. It’s supposed to be chilly today, but a brisk walk will make you appreciate the warmth awaiting you at home even more.

Good health, a warm sweater, a good meal, a few friends, a family that puts up with you. These are all things for which to be grateful on Thanksgiving. It goes without saying that not everyone enjoys even these simple pleasures on Thanksgiving or any other day.

It’s normal to focus on how you wish your life was different and, presumably, better, but it helps put things in perspective when you consider how many people are living in circumstances much worse than yours. Today, and every day, there are people who don’t have enough to eat or warm clothes to wear. Many people are without a home and have no family or friends to give them a hand.

Having a little money certainly can help ease many of the problems of life, but having more money doesn’t always make life better. In a time when money is tight, it’s good to get back to basics and enjoy the low-cost or no-cost blessings that we too often take for granted.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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