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100 years ago: Atchison farmer unearths buried treasure in a field

November 23, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Nov. 23, 1910:

  • “While digging a trench on his farm near Atchison, Kansas, Christopher Gous unearthed an iron pot, containing several thousand dollars in paper currency. As soon as the air met the paper rolls they crumbled and probably are unredeemable. It is believed that the money was buried there by an early settler in the border ruffian days.”
  • “Unless it should frost tonight which does not seem at all likely Kansas will have established a new weather record. Never in any previous year has a killing frost delayed its visit to Mt. Oread later than Nov. 24. Today, Nov. 23, great gaudy beds of nasturtiums and petunias are in bloom over the university campus. The plants have survived previous slight frosts this year and show that a black frost has not yet occurred. If one does not appear tonight Kansas will have further demonstrated its fitness to be regarded as an ideal winter resort.”
  • “For the first time in many years every grocery and meat market will remain closed all day Thanksgiving. The stores will close Wednesday night and will not be re-opened until Friday morning. Due notice is given in regard to the closing so if anyone fails to buy they can blame no one but themselves.”


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