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100 years ago: Missouri bans profane songs at university football games

November 21, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Nov. 21, 1910:

  • “The use of profanity in football rooters’ songs will have to go, or rooters will not be permitted to use the university grounds or buildings for their meetings, and if the profane songs are persisted in at football games, football will have to go at the University of Missouri. This was the ultimatum delivered by Dr. A. Ross Hill, president of the university, at a mass meeting Saturday night, when 2,500 Tiger followers gathered in the auditorium to practice the yells that will be used when the Tigers play Kansas. Students voted to abolish the use of the sulphuric monosyllable last December, at the suggestion of Dr. Hill. Recently, rooters forgot themselves and chanted the old time battle song, ‘Cheer, cheer, the gang’s all here, what the h--l do we care, what the h--l do we care.’ This was the occasion for the ultimatum.”
  • “The one year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ora Ard, of Elsmore, is suffering from an unusual but very serious accident. While playing about the kitchen at the home last night, the little fellow found his way to a coffee sack and began eating the grains. One of the small kernels lodged in the child’s throat and was later drawn into a lung, according to the attending physician, and there is some fear of a serious result.”


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