Pearl suspended 8 games

November 20, 2010


— Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl has been suspended for the Volunteers’ first eight Southeastern Conference games as punishment from league Commissioner Mike Slive for violating NCAA rules and misleading investigators.

“I have been a very public advocate for playing by the rules,” Pearl said Friday. “When you don’t play by the rules, these are the things that can happen. So while these penalties that we’ve self-imposed and now the commissioner’s imposing are unprecedentedly strong, it sets a very high standard and a high standard that I agreed to.”

Tennessee associate head coach Tony Jones will replace Pearl during those eight games with help from assistants Jason Shay and Steve Forbes.

Slive, who was given authority to issue suspensions during the SEC’s spring meetings, sent a letter Thursday informing Pearl he cannot participate in SEC games between Jan. 8 and Feb. 5 and any related activity or practice on those game days.

The commissioner said he considered suspending Pearl for the entire slate of SEC games and punishing Pearl’s assistants, who have also been accused of NCAA violations, but took into account Pearl’s admission of misleading the NCAA and the punishment Tennessee officials had already imposed on him.


KEITHMILES05 7 years, 6 months ago

His conduct and blatant cheating deserves complete suspension and heavier fines by the NCAA and this is one time I hope they do it. I don't give a flying blimp if he admits his wrong doing. He's only doing this to cover his arse and if he is so honest why didn't he come forth PRIOR to be being caught? No, Mr. Pearl needs to be made an example and I have a feeling NCAA is going to lower the boom on him and Tennessee.

kansasredlegs 7 years, 6 months ago

Dez Bryant is the example and the NCAA should likewise suspend misleading-providing-false-information Pearl for a minimum of 1-year. Dez simply lied about dinner with Deon Sanders.

rgh 7 years, 6 months ago

My understanding of this matter is that the suspension is by the SEC only and not the NCAA yet. They need to be much harsher on him as he had done this exact same thing at his previous school.

Just like Calipari, he has a proven history of lying and leaving his schools in trouble. Calipari left UMass and Memphis with vacated wins and probation. Tennessee should have probation from the NCAA as well.

somebodynew 7 years, 6 months ago

Well, what I would like to know is what would happen to an ATHLETE if he took this same actions (or similiar). You bet, he/she would be gone for AT LEAST a year. And they may not know the rules as a coach should.

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