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100 years ago: New theater or hotel considered for downtown Lawrence

November 19, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Nov. 19, 1910:

  • “Unless present plans fail to materialize, Lawrence will have a new $60,000 building in the business section. The structure to be erected may be either a hotel or a theatre. The promoters have not determined which would prove the most profitable. There has been talk of a new theatre building, one suitable to the needs of Lawrence, for several years.”
  • “A NEW YORK MURDER MYSTERY. An autopsy this afternoon established the sex of the body found in a trunk in a tenement house in New York as that of a male. Two doctors who made the examination declare the victim was still alive when placed in the trunk. The investigation now under way may prove the murder to be the most gruesome mystery in recent history. That the body of a human being would be packed in a trunk and remain in a semi-public basement for 8 years without detection seems increditable. The zinc lining of the trunk, the hermetical seal and the chloride of lime inside indicate a carefully planned crime. The trunk was left with Phillip Meagher 8 years ago by a man named W. Lewis, who owed Meagher a board bill. Lewis told Meagher it contained artist’s materials.”


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