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Obama presses foreign policy efforts with Russia, Mideast

November 18, 2010


— Setbacks are piling up for President Barack Obama’s foreign policy efforts as he struggles to salvage his signature nuclear weapons treaty with Russia and to keep Mideast peace talks alive.

The apparent collapse of the arms treaty because of political opposition in Washington follows the disappointments Obama suffered recently abroad. He returned from a tour of Asian democracies without a trophy trade agreement with South Korea, and he was unable to persuade other nations to join the U.S. in branding China as a currency manipulator.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton beseeched the Senate to ratify the treaty this year, saying delay was a threat to the nation’s security. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said he believes the New START deal will come up and be approved during the lame-duck session now under way.

The pact, a top foreign policy priority for Obama, would shrink the U.S. and Russian arsenals of strategic warheads and revive on-the-ground inspections that ceased when a previous treaty expired nearly a year ago.

“This is not an issue that can afford to be postponed,” Clinton said after an unusual breakfast meeting with key members of Congress.

Vice President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Robert Gates have been telling senators the same thing, and Russian officials have warned that failure to ratify the pact imperils the fragile effort to mend relations between Washington and Moscow.


Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Look at how well he was able to sell Chicago to the Olympics folks...

cowboy 7 years ago

Republicans dragging feet on start treaty should be the headline . John Kyl holding up the vote.One year ago he favored the treaty , now he is holding it up.

Yeah we know you hate Obama , blah blah blah , but they have the responsibility and duty (congress) to insure the security of the US interests and are shirking those duties by playing the "Obstruct Obama at all costs " game.

Centerville 7 years ago

Those wascally wepublicans! They're not going along with Zippy's unilateral disarmament because they're mean.

cowboy 7 years ago

Centerville , this treaty was built by Ronald Reagan not Obama.

Zippy ? Comparing the pres to a chimp , Nice one Mr. Bigot of the day !

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