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November 13, 2010


University Bridge Club announces the results of its Nov. 6 meeting, hosted by Donna Gatts and Janet Dunn.

Blue winners: Richard Quinn, first; John Stark, second; Sadie Deaton, third; Tom Waller, fourth; and Bebe Huxtable, fifth.

Pink winners: Janet Dunn, first; Bonnie Haney, second; JoAnne Kready, third; Jo Anne Hicks, fourth; and Ailene Bocquin, fifth.

The Kaw Valley Bridge Club announces results its Nov. 8 game, a straight Mitchell movement, and directed by Virginia Seaver.

North-South winners in A: Kent McCullough and Lois Clark, first; Eldon Herd and Mary Fenlon, second; and Jerry Sloan and Peter Petillo, third. East-West winners: Grant Sutton and Brian Barrett, first; Ed Howard and John Fittell, second; and James Kelley and John Hickey, third.

North-South winners in B: Julia Dalton and Gladys Rivard, first; and Jolene Anderson and Jean Khatib, second. East-West winners: Grant and Brian, first; Al Ballard and Emily Foster, second; and Bobby Patton and Jan O’Connor, third.

North-South winners in C: Jolene Anderson and Jean Khatib, first; East-West winners: Al Ballard and Emily Foster, first; Bobby Patton and Jan O’Connor, second; and Jim Stewart and Vince Nordberg third.


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