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November 7, 2010


Douglas County residents or businesses filing for bankruptcy protection recently in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the District of Kansas, according to court records:

• Charles Wesley Goolsby, 539 Lincoln St., Lawrence.

• Timothy Allen Lowry and Erica Leigh Lowry, formerly known as Erica Leigh Thomas, 4222 Timberline Court, Lawrence.

• Allen Ray Tarr and Cathy Elizabeth Tarr, also known as Cathy C. Tarr, 2717 Inverness Court, Lawrence.

• John Michael Needham and Traci Marie Needham, formerly known as Traci Marie Hughes, 2409 Cedarwood Ave., Lawrence.

• Penny Jeaneene Hoover, formerly known as Penny Jeaneene McDevitt, 700 Monterey Way Q1, Lawrence.

• Keith Douglas Dowell, formerly doing business as Dowell Carpentry and Construction Inc., 29 Winona Ave., Lawrence.


kernal 3 years, 5 months ago

Pywacket, I agree with you 100%.

As I've said before, there is no quick fix for this "Great Recession" and it did not happen overnight. As far as I'm concerned, it began with the savings and loan collapse in the mid 1980's. Do not blame Obama for what he inherited from George the Younger. Georgie was in way over his head and realized too late that his advisors were having their own agenda , using him for their own gains. In case you haven't noticed, he's already begun the blame game against Dick Cheney who was his puppetmaster until Georgie woke up.

In years to come, maybe the rest of you will realize how much Obama has been able to accomplish. Until then, good luck to us all with the new poker game in town.


somedude20 3 years, 5 months ago

How many years do we allow people to blame the Germans for bombing Pearl Harbor? Nothing is over until we decide it is


rlsd 3 years, 5 months ago

How many years do we allow it to be "blamed on Bush"? Getting a bit old to me..........


Pywacket 3 years, 5 months ago

You're an utter moron.

Obama said many times (and anyone with any knowledge of economics would know), the damages incurred over a period of several years (8 disastrous years of Bush's failed policies, to be exact) cannot possibly be undone over night. It will take years to return to the prosperity and stability we knew before Dumbya took a record surplus and turned it to a record deficit. It will take years to recover from the arrogant and criminal decision to pump billions of US dollars into a needless war in Iraq and to restore the national confidence necessary for job creation.

In just two years, Obama has made great strides toward recovery, despite persistent, petty, and obstinate efforts of Republicans to throw up every roadblock they can. Their obvious agenda (which was bought into by the ignorant and the easily influenced) was to cause failure--a ruthless and cynical decision based entirely on political maneuvering rather than any interest in recovery or the wellbeing of US citizens.

But keep believing whatever @#*&# the likes of Genn Beck and Rush Limbaugh tell you to believe. Sheep.


sunny 3 years, 5 months ago

There will be more of these. Thanks for the jobs you promised Obomba!


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