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40 years ago: 87-year-old woman reroofs her home

November 7, 2010


Three Kansas University physical therapy students checked a wheelchair out of Watkins Memorial Hospital and experimented with getting around Lawrence. They found that doors were too heavy, doorways and store aisles too narrow, drinking fountains too high. Restrooms and telephone booths were impossible to use. Staircases on the interiors and exteriors of public buildings had no alternative ramp or elevator. When navigating outdoors, sidewalk curbs made it necessary for them to ride in the street.

Mrs. May Martin, aged 87, was pictured re-roofing her house at 1200 Haskell. She was using tar paper to roof the structure. She said that she had taught a nine-year-old neighbor to help her.

Also pictured as a group of West Junior High students who had collected 3,000 magazines and a large number of books to help replace some of Perry High School’s library collection which had been lost in a recent fire.

A Eudora man who had been injured in a recent car accident was carrying on with his wedding plans. Ted Scribner, who sustained fractures in both legs, was going to meet his bride at the altar of the Lawrence Memorial Hospital instead of in the church that they had originally planned on.


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