Club news

University Bridge Club announces results of its Oct. 30 meeting with hosts Ray and Myrna Ikenberry.

Blue winners were Al Smith, first; Marty Hartman, second; Tom Waller, third; Alice Akin, fourth; and Cathy Stephens, fifth.

Pink winners were Sue Baur, first; Lois Liebert, second; Edna Galle, third; Ailene Bocquin, fourth; and Mary Kanous, fifth.

Kaw Valley Bridge Club celebrated Halloween on Wednesday with a few costumes, some decorations and lots of goodies. The nine-table Mitchell movement was directed by Chris Lane. North-South winners were Dianne Childs and Judy Hildreth, first; Steve Vossler and Vince Nordberg, second; Mary Beth Treece and Ginny Johnston, third; and Carol Ball and Chris Lane, fourth.

East-West winners were Mona Bell and Virginia Seaver, first; Shari Krentzel and Eldon Herd, second; Katha Hurt and Polly Schoning, third; and Yvonne Hedges and Sally Taylor, fourth.

Three tables played the Thursday morning Mentor Game directed by Chris Lane. Winners were Don Daugherty and Chris Lane, first; and Ginny Johnston and Pat Lechtenberg, second.

Eleven tables played on Friday under the direction of Virginia Seaver. North-South winners were Seaver and Mona Bell, first; Shirley Reese and Yvonne Hedges, second; Ginny Johnston and Bobby McCorkle, third; and Kent McCullough and Ed Howard, fourth.

East-West winners were Elizabeth Jankord and John Oxley, first; Lois Clark and Cathy Blumenfeld, second; Shari Krentzel and Eldon Herd, third; and Florine Creek and Jean Otney, fourth.

Chris Lane directed a two-table Swiss game on Sunday which ended in a three-way tie. Winners were Craig Huneke and Grant Sutton, Hanni Zellman and Jerry Nolan, and Jean Khatib and Chris Lane.

Virginia Seaver directed a five-table Howell game on Monday. Winners were Steve Vossler and Jim Masilamani, first; Mary Fenlon and Julia Dalton, second; Kent McCullough and Bobby Patton, third; and Jim Stewart and Emily Foster, fourth.

The club welcomes all bridge players. Games are open and lessons are available. For more information, visit or call 838-3196.