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Kansas State Board of Education to address statewide anti-bullying policy

November 5, 2010


Broken Arrow contest aims to prevent bullying

One Lawrence elementary school recently held a contest aimed at stopping bullying before it starts.

Students at Broken Arrow School recently wrapped up a poster contest with anti-bullying messages to post around the building. Read about the six students whose work will be featured.

— The recent suicides of gay teens have raised questions as to whether schools are doing enough to try to stop bullying.

On Wednesday, the State Board of Education will consider whether there should be a statewide anti-bullying policy.

And on Friday, the state learned that Kansas was one of 11 states sharing in a $38.8 million federal grant to reduce violence and drugs in schools.

Kansas will receive $9.4 million over four years to create safer schools with an emphasis on stopping substance abuse, bullying and other violent acts, the Kansas Department of Education reported.

Now, local school boards are required under state law to adopt anti-bullying policies.

But education board member Walt Chappell, Wichita, said Kansas should consider a statewide policy.

“We have standards for math, we have standards for reading. Let’s have appropriate behavior and set some benchmarks,” Chappell said.

State education officials receive reports from school districts on incidences of substance abuse and violence but not specifically on bullying.

The reports show that in the 2008-2009 school year, there were 8,720 incidents statewide that resulted in a student being suspended or expelled from school. In the Lawrence district, there were 222 incidents. The numbers went down in the 2009-2010 school year to 8,017 incidents statewide and 128 in Lawrence, according to the reports.

Chappell says he hears a lot from teachers and parents about in violence in schools. Aside from victimizing individuals, bad behavior on the part of a few students can disrupt the education process for all students, he said.

“I’m trying to deal with the whole picture. I’m trying to get parents into the schools and having them more responsible for their child’s behavior,” he said.


Ray Parker 3 years, 5 months ago

Assaults and threats by students are already violations of school rules and, in many cases, violations of state laws. Just enforce the present rules. If schools and police won't, then parents will just have to become vigilantes, or pull their children out of public schools.

Conservative Christians will not support any bullying campaign that advances or favors the homosexual agenda. They will not endorse, condone, or tolerate sodomy amongst schoolchildren.


voevoda 3 years, 5 months ago

This is the American way to deal with bad behavior: we make laws and policies which impose consequences on wrongdoers and give victims recourse. In this case, create an anti-bullying policy. Why not just call for the victims of bullying to "fight back"? Because that kind of self-help is illegal. Because it is ineffective, because the defeated bullies just look for other, weaker targets. Because the victims of bullying shouldn't have to descend to the level of the bullies. Because the victims often don't have the physical strength or mental agility to counter the bullies effectively. Because is anti-Christian, because Christ called on us to "turn the other cheek."


Fred Whitehead Jr. 3 years, 5 months ago

"Normal people have the right to hate" Cat, this is where you are wrong. "Normal" people have a decent enough intellect to realize that other people, who's life style, color, religion and life's work are different have the right to be free of jerks like you who think that "hate" is a family value.


DrRustinMcGillicuddy 3 years, 5 months ago

I encourage anyone that has been detrimentally bullied to swing as hard as they can, and aim for the bully's nose. To say that they will "consider" and anti-bullying campaign is such a slap in the face. I'm a little shocked that, in the 21st century, the Kansas Board of Education is just considering an anti-bullying measure. It's not something that needs to be considered!


catfishturkeyhunter 3 years, 5 months ago

When I got bullied, I fought back and supprisingly I never got bullied again. Secondly I am sick and tired of gay rights activist insisting that the rest of normal society accept their way of life. If you want to be gay, thats fine, thats your problem, but the rest of society should not have to alter their way of life and their beliefs to fit your ill advised lifestyle. Normal people have the right to hate and dislike, just as much as gays have the right to do what ever it is they do to each other. Long as normal people aren't inflicting physical harm on the "special" (gay) people I think we should be able to treat them however we so please. Consider it free speach lmfao.


Centerville 3 years, 5 months ago

Wow. It's like Victim Take A Number today.


Fred Whitehead Jr. 3 years, 5 months ago

I am 66 years old and remember that this problem existed even back in the dark ages when I was in grade school. There was always the playground bully who wanted everyone to notice him and who chose to accomplish this by wanting to "beat up" every other kid on the block.

My aunt used to work in a school system in Ohio and once tole me that when you had a "problem kid". once you met the parents, you knew the "problem". With the recent landslide to the right in the national elections, I fear that the homophobia embraced by the extreme right will trickle down from vicious parents and influance the unfortunate childern who will act out their misguided parents' hatreds. Those who embrace religious fables and fantasy will continue their ignorant crusade against gays and will do their best to keep their kids from being "recruited". It is a sad commentary on the lack of intellect on the part of so many misguided people, but sadly, it is the direction of the day that the extremists have made their statement and that the gay community will suffer the hatreds and viciousness of the far right.


booyalab 3 years, 5 months ago

So school's are going to start trying to protect kids from offline long as it occurs at school and in front of an administrator, and they hope that will stop suicide, even though the vast majority of bullying doesn't result in suicide so there's no correlation, much less causation. Sounds like a foolproof plan!


tirelan 3 years, 5 months ago

My son had trouble in school because he was gay...the school did NOTHING.

My daughter had trouble in school due to jealousy...the school did NOTHING.

I called the State of KS Dept of Ed, they said call your 7 elected officials in your school district. They did NOTHING!

I called the US Dept of Ed and they said call your State...I said...Been there! Done that! What did they do? NOTHING!

They don't care! Why? Because it's not them dealing with it every day!

The problem is discipline has been taken out of the homes and schools (for the most part) so the kids know that there are no consequences to be faced. And yes, most kids get their behavior and attitudes from home or in their DNA structure. The cure for kids' behavior these days? Oh let's give them some medication! How 'bout a good ole fashion spankin'??? I'm thinking that sounds real good right about now! There is a difference between spanking and beating and I say if a kid needs a spanking by gosh give it to them! It didn't hurt me growing up so why is it going to hurt them?! Did it hurt you?

And then you have these "school counselors" or "child psycholgists" that are barely out of school themselves and have NO kids and want to tell you how to raise and discipline your child...PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!! Go have a few kids, let's see how they behave and THEN come back and tell us how to raise ours!


Chris Golledge 3 years, 5 months ago


Where do kids learn most of their attitudes about life and others?
Is it not at home, from their parents?

I don't know that it is the responsibility of teachers to teach our kids moral behavior. Seems to me that their responsibility is pretty much limited to removing problem kids from the environment. Might seem kind of harsh, but if one or two kids are preventing 20-30 others from getting the most education they can out of our school system, those kids need to correct their behavior or leave.


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