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Lawrence Public Library to close Monday for computer repairs

November 3, 2010


The Lawrence Public Library will be closed on Monday to allow for computer repairs on the facility’s checkout and catalog systems.

The book and video drops on the west side of the library will remain open, as will drop locations at the Hy-vee stores on Sixth Street and on Clinton Parkway and the Checkers location at 23rd and Louisiana.


ToriFreak13 7 years, 2 months ago

spending it before you get go girl

Gedanken 7 years, 2 months ago

Wow. Two thoughts here:

1) What is the library going to be like when they have 115 more computers?

2) I would be fired if I went to my boss and said, "Hey, we have to shut down for a day because I need to do repairs on the computers."

timeforachange 7 years, 2 months ago

The library closes by 9:00 p.m. every night, but they have to close all day Monday for IT work? You mean to tell me they can't find anyone to come in at night after close to handle this? And they want 115 more computers! God help us.

John Hamm 7 years, 2 months ago

Unbelievable! Interesting timing - the day after the election rather than the day before.

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