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Kobach beats Biggs to win Kansas secretary of state race

Kris Kobach, left, visits with a T.V. news reporter during a GOP Clean Sweep party Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010 in Toepka. Kobach defeated Chris Biggs in the race for Sec. of State.

Kris Kobach, left, visits with a T.V. news reporter during a GOP Clean Sweep party Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010 in Toepka. Kobach defeated Chris Biggs in the race for Sec. of State.

November 2, 2010, 7:39 p.m. Updated November 2, 2010, 10:48 p.m.


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2010 Kansas Elections: Kansas Secretary of State

Chris Biggs, Kris Kobach, Phillip Horatio Lucas and Derek Langseth are running for Kansas Secretary of State.

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10:47 p.m. update

Topeka - A professor who helped write Arizona's new immigration law has been elected Kansas secretary of state.

Republican Kris Kobach (KOH'-bahk) defeated Democratic incumbent Chris Biggs in Tuesday's election.

Kobach had made combatting election fraud his major issue. He advocates requiring voters to show a photo ID at the polls. The secretary of state is Kansas' top elections official.

But some voters supported Kobach because as a law professor, he's advised cities and states, including Arizona, about cracking down on illegal immigration.

Biggs was appointed secretary of state in March to fill a vacancy.

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10:24 p.m. update

BULLETIN (AP) — Kris Kobach, GOP, elected Secretary of State, Kansas.

9:54 p.m. update

Kobach lead is staying at 57.8 percent.

9:35 p.m. update

Kobach's lead is staying steady with 57.8 percent. Biggs is at 38.6 percent.

9:20 p.m. update

Kobach's lead is increasing with 58 percent of the vote. Biggs has 38.3 percent.

9:02 p.m. update

Kobach continues to lead the race with 57.3 percent. Biggs is at 39.3 percent.

8:34 p.m. update

Kobach's lead has diminished slightly. He now leads Biggs with 58 percent of the vote.

8:09 p.m. update

Kobach still leads with 59.3 percent of the vote.

7:57 p.m. update

Kobach still holds the lead with 55.2 percent of the vote.

Biggs has dropped back with 42.1 percent.

7:48 p.m. update

The race between Kobach and Biggs has tightened. Kobach has 49.3 percent of the votes, and Biggs is right behind with 47.7 percent.

7:39 p.m. update

Kobach's lead has shrunk a bit as more precincts begin reporting. He's now leading Biggs 58.5 percent to 36.3 percent.

7:25 p.m. update

Early results in the race for Kansas Secretary of State show Kris Kobach ahead of Chris Biggs, Phillip Horatio Lucas and Derek Langseth with 65.4% of the vote.


KimJungUn 5 years ago

I will go out on a limb and project Kris Kobach as the winner.

You heard it hear first.

Boston_Corbett 5 years ago

Two day old troll. Go meet antacid.

frazzled 5 years ago

In which case, say goodbye to free and fair elections in Kansas.

Lonestar1 5 years ago

Just what we we can build a fence around Kansas to keep out all those illegals who are voting and collecting healthiness and unemployment benefits that should be going to good Kansans...who vote the RIGHT way.

CLARKKENT 5 years ago


Shardwurm 5 years ago

Yes ShePrecedes...he made his decision based solely on his own research. He had no advisors and no intelligence briefings. He based all his decisions on Google searches. Just like you made a bad decision based on faulty information with your first marriage. You're to blame for that right?

Remember that the members of Congress - including Her Highness Hillarious Clinton - saw the same intelligence and supported the President in his decision to invade.

Beyond that, get over Bush. That's history. You seem to be one of those who relish bedeviling Bush as justification for Obama. No one cares anymore...and certainly no one cares what you think about him.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 5 years ago

So, who's going to do the actual work at the Sec. of State's office? Clearly, Kobach only sought the office as a platform for bigger things. He'll be too busy for (and bored of) the mundane work that's done there.

So, I ask again. Who's going to be the acting Sec. of State? Will there be one? Or would that just interfere with Kris's real work (whatever he finally decides that is.)

BlackVelvet 5 years ago

hmmm...Assistant Secretary of State......A.S.S. ???

Doug Fisher 5 years ago

Looking at the Kansas election results makes me very happy that I live in another state! That said, would anyone like political asylum? I've got a house you can rent hehe.

somebodynew 5 years ago

noman - I suppose for me that depends on what state you live in. It doesn't sound like a bad idea right now.

Doug Fisher 5 years ago

Try Colorado! We are at least more middle ground here politically. Too much of either side is a bad thing.

flux 5 years ago

He's just padding his resume....voter fraud, please..

Jeff Cuttell 5 years ago

Probably several times. Some of them have been dead for years too.

topflight 5 years ago

nomansland, i like my state the way it is now. especially now. nice job kansas.

CLARKKENT 5 years ago


notajayhawk 5 years ago

Typical elitist-without-a-clue liberal

madameX 5 years ago

Come on, nota, you're better than knee-jerk name calling. Don't be a part of the message board nastiness problem.

Besides, clarkkent is right, IMO. Kobach ran his campaign based on promises to solve a problem that doesn't even exist. Then misinformed people (and lots of 'em!) voted for him because they were convinced that the problem actually does exist.

beatrice 5 years ago

"Come on, nota, you're better than knee-jerk name calling."

You obviously haven't read many of nota's comments. It is particularly fun when he throws in sexism with his typical nastiness. He even will defend his right to call people names! Oh, the joys of being miserable -- he does it well.

madameX 5 years ago

I have, actually, had a few intelligent, non-name-calling-y debates with notajayhawk on prior occasions and based on that know that he's totally capable of reasonable discourse. That's why I get frustrated when I see the mean, intellectually lazy "blah, blah liberal"-type comments, because I do know that he (and there are some other posters in this boat as well) can do better than that. Calling people on it might not actually acomplish anything, but I'm still gonna try.

Some posters, on the other hand, I know better than to waste my time.

beatrice 5 years ago

Fair enough. I've had a few conversations with nota that didn't instantly go into the gutter, but only a few. Good luck.

notajayhawk 5 years ago

It wasn't knee-jerk name calling. If you read his post, that's actually what HE was doing. I was referring to the propensity of liberals to fall back on that tired old whine that if a person cast the 'wrong' vote, then they must not have understood the issue. I remember seeing an interview of Michael Moore in the paper shortly after the 2004 election; he was saying that it was no coincidence that his next movie would be timed for release before the next election, because 52% of the population didn't have the facts, and it was his responsibility to give them those facts. That is a load of hogwash, and a person who holds such a belief, whether they recognize it or not, IS an elitist who doesn't even allow for the possibility off another point of view themselves, let alone understand the basis for it.

As for Kobach: I appreciate your confidence in my being "better than" that. Perhaps you'd give me the benefit of the doubt that I cast my vote out of personal preference, not because I was "misinformed". Do I think there's been any huge incidence of voter fraud in Kansas? Not particularly, although I do have some concerns related to the number of people on the inactive list for very long periods of time, and the variance between counties of the percentage of voters on those inactive lists. But do I think it makes sense to take some reasonable and prudent precautions to minimize the risk of future fraud, precautions which do not prevent anyone from exercising their voting rights or cause any unreasonable inconvenience? Absolutely. IMO, it's the people who talk about disenfranchisement and keeping people from voting that are the ones who are misinformed; it's been researched, and there is absolutely no evidence that voter ID laws have prevented a single person from voting or presented any significant obstacle to doing so.

Does it make sense to you to wait until we have evidence that an election outcome was altered due to fraud to take steps to prevent it? Sorry, but that's just a little too much like waiting until the bow of the Titanic was slipping beneath the water to figure out that lifeboats might have been a good idea. If you want to believe the ship you're on is unsinkable, I certainly hope you can swim.

monkeyhawk 5 years ago

So glad that this victory sticks in the craws of the progressive/liberal types. I see great things in Kobach's future. He is the anti-Obama.

boozo, where are you?? Did Soros finally defund you?

overthemoon 5 years ago

remember when Tom suggested that we should all work together now?? That was a high point in LJW black humor.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 5 years ago

Glad to see you got over that name-calling and spitefulness, monkeyhawk. (sarcasm.)

ivalueamerica 5 years ago

It should be a big year for the ACLU because Kobach loves violating the Constitution.

Boston_Corbett 5 years ago

Pure genius.

Two day old troll. Go meet antacid.

madameX 5 years ago

They already can't legally, and there's no evidence that they are, that's the thing. They can't register, and in order to vote they would have to vote under someone else's name (hence the voter fraud campaign line) but there have been something like 7 actual cases of voter fraud in Kansas in the past decade. So the "problem" that Kobach was running on doesn't actually exist.

lounger 5 years ago

Darker days are coming to Kansas....

jayhawklawrence 5 years ago

Will I have to bring my birth certificate to the next election?

Why would sane people elect this man?

And people wonder why so many of us cannot support either political party.

George_Braziller 5 years ago

Kobach. I can't believe that idiot actually won. I didn't think he had a chance.

Shardwurm 5 years ago

It would appear he's not the only idiot.

George_Braziller 5 years ago

Ok, I'll admit I was an idiot as well because I assumed voters in Kansas had more intelligence. I was wrong.

beatrice 5 years ago

Good. Now hopefully he can stay the hell out of other states and only write laws that are eventually voided for being unconstitutional for Kansas only.

So is it me, or are the biggest whiny sore losers on these boards the past two years the biggest whiny sore winners now? Sure appears so.

KS 5 years ago

This jsut has to PO most of Lawrence. Soooo sorry! Kris is now back in his hometown and we will all be hearing more from him. Congratulations, Kris!

Jeff Cuttell 5 years ago

I can't wait his first scandal in office.

overthemoon 5 years ago

Great, on the days he actually decides to show up to work instead of making big bucks in other states, he can make certain that its easier for his pals to commit the voter fraud we never had.

yankeevet 5 years ago

Forget Kobach; who is that good looking blonde in the picture???

equalaccessprivacy 5 years ago

An enlightened choice! Bawhaha! Just cannot believe the brilliant state of Kansas.

beatrice 5 years ago

What is with the Children of the Corn looking girl in the lower right of the picture? She scares me.

notajayhawk 5 years ago

She bears a striking resemblance to the one in the left of the picture, ya' think?

darktart 5 years ago

Police state! Here we come! Please scan your irradiated barcode tat when you enter or leave the building (or be shot, then thrown over a large fence).

Mr_B9 5 years ago

Hmmmm, looks like the cry babies need their diapers changed. Well I say "NO, HELL NO I WON'T!!!!!!!

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