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City removes some restrictions on pedicab’s downtown Lawrence route

November 2, 2010


Lawrence city commissioners agreed to change the rules related to oversized pedicabs on Massachusetts Street.

The change partially lifts a ban on Lawrence businessman Luke Stone from driving his oversized pedicab on Massachusetts Street. Stone operates a 16-person trolley-like pedicab that city commissioners originally said would travel too slow to safely operate on Massachusetts Street.

But now that Stone has been operating the pedicab on several side streets, he has learned the vehicle can travel about 15 miles per hour downhill. City staff members confirmed the speed, and recommended that the large pedicab be allowed to travel on the downhill portions of Massachusetts Street. Uphill travel still will be restricted to side streets such as Vermont and New Hampshire.

Commissioners approved the change on a 4-0 vote. City Commissioner Mike Dever was absent.


someguy 7 years, 2 months ago

This pedicab corrects the three biggest problems I have with normal bars:

1) They are climate controlled 2) They don't require physical exertion. 3) They serve beer

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