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40 years ago: Kerosene-smelling bottle, matches found near Centennial School

November 2, 2010


A custodian at Centennial School reported to police that a bottle, strongly smelling of kerosene, had been broken on the sidewalk near the rear of the building. Some matches had also been found nearby. Also, the principal of South Junior High School had reported several thefts of American flags over the past two weekends, at least two involving a person entering the building “by an unknown method” on Saturday morning.

A recent straw poll conducted by the Wichita Eagle showed Gov. Robert Docking leading his Republican opponent, Kent Frizzell, 49.6 per cent to 32.4 per cent. The state Republican chairman, meanwhile, was predicting a Frizzell upset, citing other times in history when candidates had “confounded the pollsters by winning when the polls said they would lose.” The poll also showed “yes” votes for liquor by the drink leading at 55.9 per cent, with “no” votes at 35.6 per cent and “undecided” at 8.5 per cent.


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