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Lawrence first responders join colleagues in paying tribute to fallen Shawnee firefighter

Members of the same crew shift of fallen firefighter of John Glaser lower his casket from a pumper truck after arriving at the Church of the Resurrection on Thursday.

Members of the same crew shift of fallen firefighter of John Glaser lower his casket from a pumper truck after arriving at the Church of the Resurrection on Thursday.

May 27, 2010


Thousands gather to honor slain firefighter

Funeral services were held today in Shawnee for firefighter John Glaser, who died Saturday battling a house fire. Among those showing their support were dozens of Lawrence emergency service workers, who joined in the procession. Enlarge video

— Lawrence emergency service workers joined thousands of other emergency service personnel Thursday in paying tribute to a fallen firefighter.

Eight members of the Lawrence Police Department’s Honor Guard, as well as several members of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and about 30 firefighters with Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical attended funeral services in Leawood for Shawnee firefigther John Glaser, who died in the line of duty Saturday.

“It really hits close to home when you have a member of emergency services die in the line of duty,” Lawrence police Sgt. Michael Monroe said. “Particularly in this case, because he was trying to save a life, and we felt it was very important to go up there and pay our respects to somebody like that.”

A Lawrence medic unit and several Lawrence police patrol cars joined in the procession Thursday morning that stretched longer than the eye could see.

“It’s support for the department that lost him,” Fire Medical Division Chief Rich Barr said. “You know when the folks from Shawnee looked up and saw all of the firefighters, it was a good feeling.”

Monroe said from his vantage point near the rear of the procession that it was an impressive and somber sight.

“The whole length of the procession, there were people out with signs,” Monroe said. “We went by a couple of schools and all the kids were out, holding their hands over their hearts, or saluting and holding signs. We hope we never have to have anything like that here in Lawrence.”

Barr said several Lawrence firefighters knew Glaser, who was a Kansas University graduate.

“We all go to pay our respects, but even though we’re in separate departments, we all understand everybody’s job,” Barr said. “We understand sacrifices and it affects all of us.”

Barr said Lawrence firefighters have been talking about the tragedy nonstop since Saturday. Monroe said this type of incident can’t help but make everyone in the emergency service field think about their jobs.

“We all understand the risks that are involved, being in our line of work,” Monroe said, “so we really empathize with them when we have things like this happen.”


Paul R Getto 7 years, 10 months ago

RIP, brave one. Thanks to all who serve and protect. As we debate government, services and tax loads, we need to remember those who risk their lives each day to serve and to keep us safe. Condolences to the family and friends of this brave fireman.

inatux 7 years, 10 months ago

"risk their lives each day ..."

Eh, maybe.

KcSlumper 7 years, 10 months ago

inatux, what does your comment mean? would you please explain it?

inatux 7 years, 10 months ago

My comment was for the "risk their life every day" part. From what I've seen, they play a lot of basketball.

KcSlumper 7 years, 10 months ago

Well said to both biggnuz and red_devil.

inatux, please if you have nothing nice to say.......say nothing at all. Don't be that goodness, didn't your momma teach you anything about RESPECT!

inatux 7 years, 10 months ago


What did I say that was disrespectful? There is not a high-risk situation every single day that risks their lives.

Firefighters do, however, get to have their families come to work and visit them, they get to work out, exercise and take advantage of their own private athletic club and they, along with the police, are the only two classes of public servant who are allowed by Kansas law to have their own union.

You're the one being disrespectful in suggesting that my opinion should be silence. I'm sorry he died, but I will stand by my statement that "risking life every day" is incorrect.

KcSlumper 7 years, 10 months ago

I will stand by my statement that they ARE willing everyday. You cannot tell me if any one of them were to happen upon another in need while not on duty they would it's my day off!

As far as the visits, firefighters have a work schedule that take them away from their families 4 days at a time. They do not get to tuck in their little ones every night or sleep in their own beds.

Oh and for the exercise, work out thing.............they do it in part for the ones they serve.

Again, if you have nothing nice to say....say nothing at all, and this is why I have nothing else to say.

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