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KU faculty, Gov. Parkinson express concerns over ticket scandal

Some professors say that the situation could have been avoided.

May 27, 2010


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A report of ticket misconduct at Kansas Athletics caused concern and disappointment among Kansas University’s faculty as they began to process the news.

Though many faculty members are out of town before summer classes begin on June 8, KU’s report on Wednesday detailing the mishandling of more than 20,000 tickets worth more than $1 million was still echoing in the ears of many in the university community Thursday.

“I think everybody’s sort of astonished,” said Susan Twombly, a professor in KU’s School of Education. “It’s hard to understand how that many tickets could disappear without someone noticing it.”

The report also drew strong words from Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson, who called the news “disturbing and absolutely unacceptable.”

“I am glad to see Chancellor (Bernadette) Gray-Little and the Board of Regents taking this egregious matter seriously,” Parkinson said. “I know they will hold people accountable and ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.”

Mark Ezell, a KU professor of social welfare who teaches about nonprofits, wasn’t so sure.

Even as audits try to mandate things like internal controls and separation of duties, he said it often takes a whistleblower to bring misconduct to light.

“It’s going to be darned hard for them to prevent it from happening again if two or three people put their heads together,” Ezell said.

He said the scandal, in his mind, fit within a larger context of a continuing discord between the privately funded athletics corporation and the cash-strapped academic side of the university, which continues to face state budget cuts.

People involved in athletics at KU, he said, seem to receive different treatment from those in power compared to those in other academic units.

“It’s just demoralizing as can be to faculty,” said Ezell, who will resign his post in August to take a new position at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. “Our buildings are crumbling and we’re not getting raises. It’s hard to swallow that.”

Ezell has served on a faculty senate executive committee that oversaw the allocation of basketball seats to faculty. He said he would become embarrassed for some faculty members who would become a little too inflamed about their place in the pecking order for seats.

“That’s the only way this could have hit the fan, over basketball seats,” he said. “It’s because they’re so precious.”

Ben Eggleston, a philosophy professor and president of KU’s University Senate, said many KU academics realize that the athletics corporation functions as its own entity, but said it still can reflect poorly on the university as a whole.

He said that the revelations disclosed Wednesday were “obviously harmful,” but expressed hope that KU could prevent similar things in the future.

“Like many members of the university community, I was saddened to hear of the misconduct and lost resources,” Eggleston said. “But I am reassured by the new measures and procedures that the university has put in place.”


andyk 5 years ago

"disturbing and absolutely unacceptable" Who cares what you think Parkinson?

andyk 5 years ago

No nimrod, just tired of people. Review post 4.1.

andyk 5 years ago

Sorry, I'm* no nimrod. I'm not into name calling. Argument just works better.

Jay Keffer 5 years ago

Nasty sexual slur you insist on using. Like the mental picture?

Stop grossing us out with your potty mouth.

5 years ago

It would be hard to stomach that kind of behavior when you are dealing with the limitations our great professors and administrators are dealing with.

devobrun 5 years ago


You mean like when professor's fudge and stretch numerology to enhance their research ?

Who's to catch them?

The LJW or the other submissive press? Schultz in the TV show, Hogan's Heroes: "I know nothing, nothing!"

Sorry, lawyrelee, I don't buy it. The limitations that our "great professors and administrators are dealing with" is modern western culture. It pervades athletics, economics, erudite knowledge systems, engineering, politics, and everything else.

Nobody knows what the heck is going on and least of all the press. What a bunch of rubes. And closely following the clown parade of press is the academic establishment. It's all politics, lawyerlee. LJW, KU, you name's all a story that people buy.

Lew is gone. New Chancellor, scandal, nice job Lew. You're gone.

6thstreet 5 years ago

You obviously have never attended the University of Kansas.

andyk 5 years ago

I think you're backing me, thanks if so. @nschmi04, Parkinson's probably only pissed he wasn't making money off it, and that it's another blemish to the Universities record, and he will have to hear about it. As a member of the State of Kansas, an Alum and hopefully returning student of KU, I do care. I likely care more than Gov. Parkinson, which is why I personally don't care about his concerns. Scandals and issues within the athletic department are not likely to drive many potential students away. Sorry for trying to speak to everybody.

6thstreet 5 years ago

who give a crap about what some hack professors think? School of Ed and Social Welfare professors can worry about their own fields. They have nothing to add and are clueless, you could of interviewed some homeless guy on Mass with just as much credibility.

devobrun 5 years ago

"School of Ed and Social Welfare professors can worry about their own fields. They have nothing to add and are clueless, you could of interviewed some homeless guy on Mass with just as much credibility."

Lemme fix something here, 6thstreet.

"you could of" should be "you could've", or "you could have".

Otherwise, your comment is wise and prescient. The two groups you mention are fully engaged in the creation of reality. To them, if something doesn't work, but should....change the paradigm. Redefine reality until that which isn' As a result, the eructations of the two aforementioned esteemed groups render themselves meaningless.
But wait, they define meaning. They replace meaning with their own. Safe passage through the world that no longer demands performance, just theater.

6thstreet 5 years ago

If you can't teach, be a professor.

tophawk87 5 years ago

Lew Perkins needs to step down and the KUAC needs to give more of their profits to help support academics...

beaujackson 5 years ago

So the den of foxes were guarding the chickens - kind of reminds you of Obama and his South Chicago thugs who are robbing all present and future taxpayers. We can look forward to becoming like our leaders homeland - Kenya.

Oh yeah - Bush did it...

John Hamm 5 years ago

Oh, yes, that's right - If you don't like Obama's policies you're a Racist..... Nuff said. FYI: He and the democrats (don't deserve capitalization) are leading this country to bankruptcy.

anon1958 5 years ago

beaujackson (anonymous) says…

"We can look forward to becoming like our leaders homeland - Kenya."

Birther = Moron, gtfo.

John Hamm 5 years ago

"Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson, who called the news “disturbing and absolutely unacceptable.” maybe, just maybe, he should be more concerned with his and the legislature's inability to balance the budget without constantly foisting new and greater taxes on the people of the state. Nah, that'd never work after all he is the Governor and that kind of stuff isn't nearly as important as taking a shot at KU.

andyk 5 years ago

Thank you. Piss off nschmi04.

Richard Heckler 5 years ago

"Lew Perkins needs to step down and the KUAC needs to give more of their profits to help support academics..."

Absolutely on both counts!

Bring home games back home!

Flap Doodle 5 years ago

Massive amounts of copy/paste are our only hope!

Richard Heckler 5 years ago

Fraud/Theft in a rather large fashion = big time jail sentences or should!

Seems like some of our local builders are drawn to corruption. Can we say Junction City too!

Shardwurm 5 years ago

“Our buildings are crumbling and we’re not getting raises. It’s hard to swallow that.”

And tuition has increased at a rate of 400 percent above inflation since 1980. I do not know what amount the state subsidy has increased over that span as well.

The Education Industry is a black hole that consumes everything thrown at it and makes excuses for the mediocrity it produces. No pity here.

Kontum1972 5 years ago

I feel really, really sorry for Brady can a father who was a former KU player do something like this to his own son and the university? Just to line his pockets....

mudd 5 years ago

Don't feel sorry for Brady yet. There is absolutely no proof that Roger was involved. So far it is just he said, she said and that would be from Dave Freeman. Prosecuters caught him lying on the witness stand for Mick Wunders trial, but of course nothing was done about it because it didn't end up having an effect on Wunders outcome.

Boston_Corbett 5 years ago

mudd: what did he lie about on stand?

opobserver 5 years ago

If Parkinson is so dicouraged by this, I hope he is working with the Attorney General/Prosecutors to get these folks serving time and restitution for what they did.

Ricky_Vaughn 5 years ago

If this ends up in the hands of the state or the feds...this is just the tip of the iceberg.

opobserver 5 years ago

Ricky, of course it will. The IRS will also want to be involved for all of the unreported income from these folks. There will be the problems not only with the theft and scalping of the tickets, but the money laundering. It's going to get real messy for the elite six.

tophawk87 5 years ago

Lew Perkins needs to step down...the sooner the better

Tom McCune 5 years ago

Isn't this really just sort of like the Yakuza stealing from the Mafia? One unregulated criminal enterprise stealing from another? Who really cares? In a righteous world college athletes would play for enjoyment and their families and friends would show up to watch, on occasion.

There is no justification whatsoever for state universities operating these professional sports franchises which are unregulated, untaxed, and managed only for the enrichment of their staffs.

NOTcrusher 5 years ago

Off with their heads. (Figuratively speaking.) Lew Perkins is an empire builder, appointing 18 new associate or assistant athletic directors. No wonder there were some really stinking rotten apples in the bunch.

HogJiver 5 years ago


Now we know why they took away the discount tickets from employees. So the blood suckers could steal the tickets and resell them.

Clean House Now.

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