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Commercialization, research remain top priority for Kansas Bioscience Authority in 2010

May 24, 2010


The Kansas Bioscience Authority plans to commit $36.9 million in the coming fiscal year to beef up the bioscience industry.

KBA to invest over $15 million

The Kansas Bioscience Authority will invest over $15 million to find ways to commercialize bioscience research. Enlarge video

In a plan the KBA’s executive committee approved Monday, the KBA outlined spending to commercialize products that come from bioscience research, bring top-notch researchers to Kansas and continue work on bringing the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility to Manhattan.

Just like last year, the KBA board picked commercialization as its top priority. The KBA plans to invest $15.5 million in commercializing projects.

Part of that money, $5 million in commitments and $5 million in cash payments, will be spent on the KBA’s centers of innovation to collaborate with businesses and universities to commercialize emerging technology and establish a new center around animal health.

The KBA also plans to set aside $10.5 million to recruit high-level researchers to Kansas. Known as the Eminent Scholar program, the pot of money is one that Kansas University has tapped into on several occasions.

The KBA also has plans to set aside $693,000 in commitments and make $443,000 in cash payments to improve cancer research in Kansas and build the reputation of the KU Cancer Center. The money will assist the cancer center as it strives for National Cancer Institute designation.

Also on the KBA’s agenda this year is to secure a $40 million federal government appropriation to start work on NBAF. The KBA plans to spend $3 million, $500,000 of which will be newly committed funds, to begin NBAF research and improve operations of research facilities at Kansas State.


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