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Lawrence police looking for suspect in armed robbery of Maurice’s clothing store

Police are looking for a man who robbed Maurice's in Lawrence while armed with a pistol. The incident is the second armed robbery in as many days.

May 19, 2010, 5:03 p.m. Updated May 19, 2010, 6:03 p.m.


Lawrence police were searching for a suspect Wednesday afternoon who used a pistol to rob a clothing store in one of Lawrence’s busiest shopping centers.

An armed man entered Maurice’s, 3226 Iowa, around 4:15 p.m. Wednesday. When police arrived, the suspect had left the area “in an unknown direction,” said Sgt. Bill Cory, a police spokesman.

Cory described the suspect as a white man with gray hair in a pony tail. He had a short gray beard and wore a gray hooded sweatshirt, light-colored jeans and a black baseball cap.

Several officers began processing the crime scene Wednesday afternoon at the store to determine what was taken. They were also interviewing witnesses. Patrol officers and detectives were searching the shopping center area near 31st and Iowa streets.

Wednesday afternoon Cory said police were still trying to determine whether it could be connected to similar robberies in the area. Police did not immediately release a vehicle description.

Cory said the incident is a reminder for the public to be cautious at all times.

“They do happen at all times of the day,” he said. “Typically if you think of a robbery, they don’t happen in the middle of the afternoon when all of the stores are open with possibly customers coming in and out of the business and the businesses right next to it.”

Anyone with information in the case can call police at 785-832-7509 or the Tips Hotline at 785-843-TIPS.


Randall Barnes 8 years ago

and a black jacket with a ball cap. had a handgun in his waist band.

Boston_Corbett 8 years ago

Did he leave in a Volvo with Aspen bumper stickers and smidges of baby blue paint?

Richard Payton 8 years ago

He drives an unmarked patrol car with DG tags LOL!

Boston_Corbett 8 years ago

Or did he have silver hair, sunglasses, driving a muscle car antique with Wyandotte County plates and NRA stickers.

Nah, he wouldn't do a pony-tail.

mrbig 8 years ago

The robbers in this town are busy busy busy.

50YearResident 8 years ago

Keep supporting the shelter and more of this is certain to happen.

igby 8 years ago

The economy has bit the dust and in spite of the recovery lies many people are getting desperate. They turn to drugs and booze and end up doing stupid stuff like this.

If you must pop a cap in someones dumb butt, remember that your only 30 days away from this same situation. A divorce, layoff, bankruptcy and depression treated with addiction.

Shoot low my friends shoot low! Lol.

riverdrifter 8 years ago

Maybe it was because they were trying to figure out what to do with BC's mention of HWMNBN...

LadyJ 8 years ago

Wondered why it was gone, probably updating it I guess.

Liberty275 8 years ago

You have to be pretty screwed up to steal. You have to be really screwed up to steal from a clothing store. Probably a few hits of meth or crack.

Legalize it, let the market set the price and scumbags will have no reason to steal to buy a dollar's worth of meth.

somedude20 8 years ago

Jimmy Cliff, ladies and gentlemen:

Walking down the road With an old blade in your hand, Johnny too bad, that's what they say Walking down the road With a blade in your waist, Johnny too bad, Johnny too bad Don't you play come faking, You're looking and mistaking, Too bad You're hurrying and you're shooting, You're losing, told you, You're too bad

Just one of these days, You're going to make your woman cry: Ooh, Johnny too bad One of these days, You're going to make your woman cry, 'Cause Johnny, you're so bad, That's what they tell me about you With you looking and sticking Switchblade a-picking, Too bad Oh I told you, yes you did it, Don't you, I told you, too bad That's what they say about you

{guitar solo}

Walking down the road, You're going to hear a voice say: Go, Johnny, where you're going to run to, Come that sweet day. You may be walking down the road, You're might hear a voice say: Go, Johnny, where you're going to run to, Come that sweet day You might run to the rock for rescue, You'll find a rock, you'll find a rock there Run to the rock for rescue, There will be no rock, be no rock at dawn

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Johnny go walking Johnny go talking Johnny go walking Johnny go talking Johnny go walking now Johnny go talking Johnny

ClaroAtaxia 8 years ago

The description sounds exactly like the old vet. that was causing problems at Royal Crest Lanes last night. The bowling alley called the police and we got his plates, it was a white truck with decals on it and vet plate. Not sure if it's the same guy, but he definitely had a gray pony tail, a short white beard, a black trench coat of sorts, and looked gangly.

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