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Local Verizon, AT&T cell phone users having trouble getting connected

Verizon subscribers started to see service return about 9 a.m.

Those with AT&T and Verizon have experienced service outages during the last few days.

May 18, 2010, 8:53 a.m. Updated May 18, 2010, 6:08 p.m.


Lawrence attorney David Brown feels as if his lifeline has been cut off.

“It’s a very disconcerting feeling,” Brown said. “It’s not unlike those silly TV commercials that say, ‘you’re living in the dead zone,’ and that’s exactly what we kept making jokes about all night.”

Brown and his wife, both AT&T; wireless customers, have been without cell service at their home in West Lawrence for the past two days. Their phones, however, both seem to work once they’re east of Sixth Street and Kasold Drive.

“You realize how connected you are to a piece of electronics that didn’t exist 10 years ago,” Brown said.

Lawrence residents were left feeling disconnected Tuesday, after an outage affected multiple cell phone carriers, including AT&T; and Verizon Wireless customers.

A spokeswoman for Verizon said at one point the outage impacted 13 cell sites around the Lawrence area.

“We share wires with telecommunication providers,” said Brenda Hill, public relations manager for Verizon Wireless. “There was a problem in a cable that we share with other telecom companies.”

Hill classified the outage as a fairly minor problem, saying it lasted a couple of hours and all service was restored by 8:10 a.m. Tuesday.

AT&T; released a statement saying the company was experiencing issues with a cell site in Lawrence that would impact some customers’ wireless service in the area.

AT&T; spokeswoman Marisa Giller said a network team was working to resolve the issue.

“We have re-engineered the site so customers can continue to place calls and access data service,” Giller said in a statement sent by e-mail to the Journal-World. “Until the issue is completely resolved, some customers may experience slower data speeds.”

Brown said he was given no timeline for when the problem might be corrected. He said in the past, he’s thought about canceling his land line. Tuesday, he was glad he still had it.

“It is a lifeline in a very strange way,” Brown said. “If this were the only thing I was using, I’d be in trouble.”

A previous version of this story incorrectly said the outage was Thursday morning. It was Tuesday morning.


workinghard 8 years ago

or it wasn't when the story was updated

Jonathan Kealing 8 years ago

8:56 fits the definition of by 9 a.m.

Take_a_letter_Maria 8 years ago

"SWGlassPit (anonymous) says… You mean Tuesday morning?"

No, this is the LJW. They know in advance that Verizon customers are going to lose service in two days.

Jonathan Kealing 8 years ago

Indeed, Tuesday morning. Sorry about that.

somedude20 8 years ago

"Local Verizon Wireless customers found themselves with little or no cell phone service Thursday morning."

OK, are you giving us old news or is your crystal ball working again?

dinglesmith 8 years ago

Odd. AT&T has been out as well. Seems to be back to some extent now.

RoeDapple 8 years ago

dinglesmith (anonymous) says… "Odd. AT&T has been out as well. Seems to be back to some extent now."

Must be why my emails aren't going out . .

lwctown 8 years ago

Had trouble with AT&T also but only with the my iphone. Other phones on AT&T seemed to connect fine.

schula 8 years ago

I wondered why I was having trouble with my verizon service this morning. Thanks LJW!

tvf2k 8 years ago

You get what you pay for! Wonder how VZ and ATT will spin this in their 'most reliable' claims?

delta77 8 years ago

It's good information and I appreciate it.

pbfh88 8 years ago

AT&T has 3 towers w/issues. They told me they would be back up and running by 7:12 P.M. this evening. When I pointed out that I am paying for unlimited data, texting, etc., they gave me a credit for my inconvenience.

mr_right_wing 8 years ago

Now, what about the power outage that lasted over an hour on 6th, west of Iowa and east of Lawrence avenue? I heard a loud bang, and the lights went off. They're back on and Westar trucks are canvassing the area. I figured for sure when I got online there'd be something.....


mr_right_wing 8 years ago

I just realized I have no running water, so I went over to the leasing office where I live and I was told when the transformer (or whatever it was) blew, and we lost all electric earlier some electricity actually arched underground and broke the water pipe that serves my building! It's supposed to be restored by 6pm. This would make an interesting story LJW...!! AT&T provides my internet and telephone; since I'm writing this I know that is alright for the time being! (Oh no...I don't use Sunflower Broadband...this message will be removed!!)

whats_going_on 8 years ago

(Oh no...I don't use Sunflower Broadband...this message will be removed!!)

that actually made me chuckle. I hate Sunflower.

justtired 8 years ago

We didn't have service at 5:15 this morning. I called tech support around 7:30am and the lady didn't even know there was a problem. She got the email while we were trouble shooting my phone.

igby 8 years ago

If you still have this company Verizon as your carrier, you just not paying attention.

This Verizon company has changed!

Now their the worst cell phone company in America!

Get rid of them!

Majestic42 8 years ago

Stop your ignorant whining, both of you. Sometimes service gets wonky, no matter what provider you have. I have had AT&T for the past year, and Verizon for four years before that. Want to know how many dropped calls and horrible customer service experiences I had in that time? Zero. Stop your whining, learn to live with it, and grow up.

Majestic42 8 years ago

  1. I travel plenty and get a full EDGE network signal in the middle-of-nowhere western Kansas. I've gotten a Verizon signal from the valley below Pike's Peak. I've gotten AT&T in a parking garage in Kansas City. These are just MY experiences.
  2. How does me trying to be balanced about the state of cell networks make me not understand technology? I know that the quality of cell networks depends on geography, antenna placement, the user himself, etc. and I'm saying that even with all those factors, I've never had a real problem with either carrier. Sometimes there are weird dead zones, but I've been fortunate to not live or work in one. So, Mr. none2, learn YOUR facts. And for the record, I have never been stoned.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 8 years ago

I still have a phone that is connected to the wall with a wire. I do not own any electronic fruits, (pods or berries) and will not ever own any of these cute little plastic toys.

My phone connected to the wall with a wire works all the time, I do not have to keep it charged, I do not have to worry about the "tower" or whatever makes these do-dads work (sometimes) I do not broadcast my conversations out into the air for any hacker with a radio to intercept and listen in on.

I do not get phone bills with charges for "minutes" or any other of the multitude of charges and fees that these greedy shysters of the cell-phone media seem to be able to dream up. My phone bill is pretty consistant each month.

I know I am a cave man throwback, but my system works all the time and my message machined gets calls when I am not there, and I can call my message machine and it will talk to me. This works for me. But I do not pack my day full to the mini minute and have 300 people that think they just have to be able to talk to me on a moment's whim.

I like it that way.

mr_right_wing 8 years ago

.....and here I thought I was the only one out here with no desire for a cell phone. I can PROOUDLY say I've never "text messaged"!!

It's awful hard to be guilty of distracted driving when you're only phone is a land-line at home!

Majestic42 8 years ago

Are you searching for a compliment, luddite? Do you want a cookie? Why the heck did you post this anti-technology manifesto? Are you aware of what today's technology is capable of? Are you aware that that's the future of this world? Sorry if I sound harsh, but your post was written with an equally harsh tone. I believe I can sum up what you were saying in a few words: "I don't like new technology, and people that do are silly. I'm special."

pagan_idolator 8 years ago

I tapped your phone.......muhahahaha!

viper82 8 years ago

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kujhawkfan 8 years ago

Switch to Sprint, way cheaper data plans, 4G is launching in KC now, and the best mobile device ever made hits the market on June 4 (HTC EVO 4G). I have not experienced any issues with my Sprint service...

compmd 8 years ago

Yeah, the best mobile device ever...if you only care about it working in the US and ignore piles of phones in the rest of the world...

sherbert 8 years ago

Whats the best carrier plan offering unlimited minutes and text?

kujhawkfan 8 years ago

Sprint... Everything Data 450 for only $69.99 a month. You get unlimited text, internet and data, and unlimited minutes to any mobile phone in the U.S. The only limit is if you call regular land telephone numbers and that is limited to 450 minutes, with free nights and weekends starting at 7 PM. As long as you are calling another cell phone from any carrier, your minutes are unlimited. No other carrier offers anything close to this price for all unlimited.

kujhawkfan 8 years ago

Oh yeah, I forgot you also get free GPS turn by turn navigation and Sprint TV included.

kernal 8 years ago

My last AT&T cell phone was useless unless I was in KC or Topeka. Couldn't even use it at home unless I went outside. As for Sprint, they have a lot to make up for since they outsourced all those jobs in Overland Park to India. I will not consider their service.

riverdrifter 8 years ago

I got Sprint a year ago -against all advice. The dang phone works every single place I go and I've gone all over the place. I think I've had maybe 3-4 calls drop out of hundreds.

pagan_idolator 8 years ago

Just switched from altell (which I think is Verizon) to AT&T and I hate it.

pagan_idolator 8 years ago

Just switched from altell (which I think is Verizon) to AT&T and I hate it.

riverdrifter 8 years ago

Maybe your chests are causing interference, know-what-ah-mean....

Just sayin'....


royalcowboys1 8 years ago

For an iPhone, here is what you do to fix it (although temporary fix, it works great!). I spent all day on looking for an answer online on Tuesday, and actaully found this to be great advice! I did this on both my husband and my phones, and seems to be working great! We don't have a land line, and my business works off my phone, so I had to find a solution.

Go to setting and settings and select Network. Flip it to off on Enable 3G. Then, still in settings, go down to the bottom and select reset. Choose Reset Network Settings. This will turn your phone off and then turn it back on.

You will probably get a message about select a wireless network, but just cancel out of that. You don't want that option (unless you are always connected via wireless).

You should be running fine after this. Granted, you are not on 3G, but that doesn't seem to really matter. Once they get the problem solved, you can jump back to 3G.

Hope this helps!!

naturalist 8 years ago

I'm glad I've kept my landline. Although the one emergency we had 911 was repeatedly busy!

kujhawkfan 8 years ago

My point exactly riverdrifter. Everyone I know who has switched to Sprint in the last couple years love it, not to mention how much money they save every month on their data plans over Verizon & AT&T. I know several people who are switching to Sprint on June 4 just to get the HTC EVO 4G & the cheaper data plans.

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