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Hey LeBron: Give Dallas a chance

May 17, 2010


LeBron to Dallas talk starts in 3, 2 … now.

Actually started, past tense. Thursday. About 10 p.m., or seconds after King James and his Cavs crashed and burned in yet another playoffs. Best NBA record apparently guarantees jack squat. Boston advanced somewhat easily to the East Finals, and Team LeBron walked into yet another offseason without a ring.

Only this time he has choices. Stay in Cleveland? Or go to New York or Chicago (or, dare I say, Dallas?), via a nifty little opt-out clause in his contract?

Sounds like a certain Big German I know.

Do not mistake this for a DirkLeBron. I love The Big German. I am not crazy. LeBron is younger and nastier and just better, yet he finds himself exactly where Dirk Nowitzki does — probably needing to leave his only NBA home to have a chance at a championship.

Just call him LeGone James after this latest debacle.

And why not us as a soft landing spot? I’m tired of this LeBron to the Windy City, South Beach or Manhattan with nary a Mavericks mention.

So let me be the first to say: Choose the Mavericks, LeBron.

Dallas is the perfect landing spot for your tarnished King crown, with Dirk giving you two greats and an owner adept at marketing you into an even bigger deal and a city where sports and athletes rule.

New York sounds like a big stage. Problem is, New York is almost too big, with actors and sports and everything imaginable all competing for attention.

In Dallas, it would be you. And Tony Romo. And you.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban needs to find a way to make LeBron to Dallas happen. If not, all hope is lost. We have Jason “bleeping” Kidd as our point guard. Of course, LeBron is our only hope.

The only other option is Dirk leaves for Chicago and the Mavs become Timberwolves South, because another season of 50 meaningless regular-season wins and a playoff gag is just downright nauseating.

Vegas lists odds of LeBron coming to Dallas at 30-1, which is telling me there is a chance. And while I have been hard on Cuban lately, he usually excels in just such situations.

I realize consensus seems to be Chicago makes the most basketball sense, seeing as how the Bulls have Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and a bunch of money. And New York makes sense because it is New York.

Let’s not forget this is the Knicks, once a safe sanctuary for the basketball idiocy of Isiah Thomas. So even with enough cap room to sign two players to a max deal, do you really trust New York?

LeBron so obviously wants to be The Man, a role not guaranteed in Chicago with Rose. And he wants to have a chance to win now. In Dallas, he has that chance.

And he has his Robin, only with Batman talent.

Dirk is one of the few, if not the only, NBA superstars who is not only OK with but seems to welcome a name bigger than himself. The guy is so amazingly gifted, yet so very unselfish. Almost too unselfish at times.

Dirk randomly dropped LeBron’s name in his end-of-season interview, so Dirk obviously realizes he needs him.

Dirk is LeBron and LeBron is Dirk.

Neither can go where he wants to as his team is presently constructed. Both need the other.

So choose us, LeBron. You are our only hope.


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