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Tougher seat belt law OK’d

May 12, 2010


— Kansas legislators approved a bill Tuesday making the failure to wear a seat belt a primary traffic offense, ending a nearly decade-long battle over the issue.

The vote was 68-55 to send the bill to Gov. Mark Parkinson for his signature. The measure was supported with hope it would unlock federal funds Kansas could use for safety and transportation programs.

“This is a compromise that will do what we want to do in the state of Kansas. We will save lives by requiring seat belts,” said Rep. Jerry Henry, a Cummings Democrat.

The bill would allow a law enforcement officer to stop a motorist solely for failing to wear a seat belt. For the first year, the fine would be $5 and $10 in the second, with no court costs for either year. The fine is the minimum allowed by federal law.

Kansas is expected to receive some $10 million in federal transportation dollars for enacting the new law.

Two other traffic safety bills won final approval Monday.

One bans texting while driving, with exceptions for voice-activated devices and messages sent to emergency personnel.

The other bill would require anyone convicted of a second offense of driving under the influence to place an interlock device on a vehicle’s ignition. The device tests the driver’s breath for alcohol and won’t allow the vehicle to start if alcohol is detected.


SettingTheRecordStraight 8 years ago

"We will save lives by requiring..."

You can fill in the blank on this one. Yes, the government can force us to do all sorts of things in the name of saving lives. But at what cost to freedom, the notion of restrained government and the quaint concept of personal responsibility?

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