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Falcon family in Topeka grows

The first of four falcon eggs hatched Monday in Topeka. The falcons have become residents of the Westar building.

May 11, 2010


— The first of four peregrine falcon hatchlings nesting in a downtown Topeka building decided to make its debut on Mother’s Day.

Brad Loveless, of Westar Energy, said the egg hatched Sunday afternoon in a nest high on the 12-story Westar building. He said he expected the other three eggs to hatch within days.

The birds have attracted attention around the world, thanks to two webcams that can be viewed at But the chicks may be hard to see because their mother, named Hope, has been protective since the eggs were laid between April 1 and 3.

A male peregrine falcon, named Zeus, also is in the nest.

The two falcons built their first nest in a Westar nesting box in 2004.


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