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Coastal style, country charm on runways

May 10, 2010


Finally, the weather permits sleeveless tops in the evening and skirts without tights. Read on for the hottest spring and summer trends and fresh outfit ideas to kick off the season.

Sunset, surfer girl and island motifs:

Comfortable clothing in the earth’s boldest natural hues makes me want to take a vacation! Switch out your khaki shorts and army-green trench coat for dreamier, sunset-like colors.

  1. Throw on some bright pinks, purples and blues for a flash of color and change of routine.

  2. If you simply can’t do that much color, look for a palm-tree printed top or dress in muted colors, like grey, light blue and a splash of lime green. (Check out Prada’s line of printed satin dresses on

Gone country:

While the fashion world remains obsessed with cowboys, fringe details, rough leather accessories, cotton workshirts and calico dresses, I’m still here thinking … have ya’ll ever been to Kansas? Let the rest of the country try on our kind of clothing, and just sit back, relax and maintain that slow, easy-going Midwestern fashion mentality.

But, do keep it up to date:

  1. Try a look that’s modern and clean. Purchase a button-front skirt and some leather, raffia or canvas country wedges, perfect for sunny weather (I’ve been pining for Current/Elliott’s Cotton Skirt, check it out at

  2. Opt for vintage styles with unique cuts or higher rises (but only if the shape is flattering for you).


This spring and summer, the minimalist fashion movement is on the rise. It is difficult to avoid today’s everywhere, super-trendy apparel and accessories; however, consider a more streamlined style that is practical, efficient and effortless. Start small:

  1. Find your perfect purse or tote bag (check out the box bag by Celine for one of my favorites).

  2. Wear pearls. They are no longer reserved solely for special occasions, graduations or funerals. Not into the typical pearl-strand necklace or earrings? Find interesting new pearl accessories for a bit of character and modernity. Get inspired by Lady Gaga’s face pearls as photographed during New York Fall Fashion Week 2010.

Soft technicolor:

Bright, neon colors are entirely funky and eye-catching; however, if paired properly, technicolor accents are entirely appropriate for all ages and most occasions.

  1. Perfect for daytime wear, try wearing soft blues, pinks or crèmes with neon- bright accessories, eye makeup or lipstick. An understated color paired with a small dose of one or two loud, bright colors makes a great color palette that isn’t too over the top. Check out Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Super for a powerful hot pink.

  2. Pair neon clothing with natural, toned-down accessories, like wooden bangles or understated hoop earrings. Also, keep your hair pretty low-key — trust me, honey, a neon-green dress will speak for itself.


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