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Poet’s Showcase: ‘Life’s Handi-work’

May 9, 2010


According to Webster, a journey means to travel,
Childhood to adolescence to maturity, careful not to unravel.

Each new acquaintance, an experience enhances your trip each day,
You’re sewing a patchwork tapestry patterned just your way.

Diversified sizes and colors make this a memorable plan,
The journey will help increase many a new loyal fan.

The tapestry is being sewn together with very remarkable skill,
Bringing friends from all walks of life, new patches for you to fill.

The tapestry of life with its ups and downs, some not easy to vent,
Others with love excelling, many surely heaven sent.

Your family tree will be decorated with love from above, oh so pure,
With the many pieces properly woven together, a most
successful tour.


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