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May 8, 2010


Lawrence Boy Scout Troop 52, chartered by the Lawrence First United Methodist Church, had its Court of Honor on April 20. Scouts earning ranks, merit badges and special awards are:

Scout — John Anderson, Andrew Bireta, Ryan Glogau, John McArthur, Finn Nesbitt-Daly, John Peterson, Liam Rausch and Mark Smith.

Second Class Scout — Joseph Cary, Lawrence Chen, Joseph Mann and James Messer.

First Class Scout — Joseph Mann.

Star Scout — Eli Schneck and Drew Sheppard.

Life Scout — Eric Glogau and Eric Long.

A Year of Celebration Leadership Ribbons — Joseph Mann, Robert Newman, Thomas Peterson, Eli Schneck and Gavin Spence.

A Year of Celebration Achievement Ribbons — Dan Cary, Ryan Devlin, Jarrod Mann, Jace Newman, Kent Peterson, Thomas Peterson, Marlon Schneck, Becky Spence, Bryan Spence, Marie Wilson and Rod Zinn.

Auto Maintenance — Garrett Weeks.

Citizenship in the Community — Thomas Peterson and Gavin Spence.

Citizenship in the Nation — Dakota Zinn.

Citizenship in the World — Thomas Peterson, Eli Schneck, Gavin Spence and Dakota Zinn.

Dentistry — Gavin Spence.

Environmental Science — Eric Long.

Fingerprinting — Nathaniel Weeks.

First Aid — Robert Newman and Eli Schneck.

Leatherwork — James Messer.

Recruiter — Joseph Cary.

Religious Award — Andrew Bireta, Eric Glogau and Ryan Glogau.

Totin’ Chip — John Anderson, Andrew Bireta, Ryan Glogau, Finn Nesbitt-Daly, John Peterson, Sean Riling and Mark Smith.

Wilderness Survival — Thomas Peterson and Gavin Spence.

World Conservation — Eric Long.

The Court of Honor was highlighted with “America the Beautiful” played by the Troop 52 musicians: Lawrence Chen, violin; Robert Newman, clarinet; Thomas Peterson, cello; and director Susan Cary. Dakota Zinn, guitar, was a substitute musician for the night. Chen also played a solo piece “Ashokan Farewell.”

Seven Scouts and three adult leaders from Baldwin Boy Scout Troop 65 participated in the Pelathe District Spring Camporee on April 16-18, at Camp Bromelsick, north Lake Clinton.

The camporee offered several activities, including an introduction to four historic merit badges brought out of retirement for the centennial anniversary of U.S. Scouting. Troop 65 Scouts Thomas Bollig, Ben Foster and Dylan Slavin won the Semaphore Award for the troop. Four members of Troop 65 were chosen for the opening flag raising.

The district also had its Order of the Arrow tap-out during the camporee. Stephen Beegle and Kevin Graves were chosen, which made them eligible to participate in an OA induction weekend. Troop 65 members who were part of the OA ceremonial team were Nate Clem, Royce Harrison, Austin Kraus, Sam Richards, Dylan Slavin and Colby Soden.

Beegle entered the Order of the Arrow as an Ordeal Member during an OA induction weekend April 30-May 2 at Theodore Naish Scout Reservation, near Bonner Springs. Troop 65 Elangomats for the weekend were Thomas Farmer, Ben Foster, Robert Lawrenz, Sam Richards, Dylan Slavin, Michael Slavin and Sam Richards.

Thomas Bollig, Nick Hagen and Morland Souders earned the Ad Altare Dei religious emblem award for Catholic Scouts. Bollig and Hagen received their medals from Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann during the annual Archdiocesan Scouting Awards Mass April 25 at St. Peter Cathedral in Kansas City, Kan. Adult leader Joe Bollig received the Bronze Pelican.

Members of Troop 53 attended the Spring Order of the Arrow Induction weekend April 30-May 1 at Camp Naish. OA adviser Brian Van Schmus was joined by leaders, Brett Carey, Bryan Chumbley, John Harman, Jay Morris, Mike Shambaugh and Kip Grosshans. They were joined by an able “Scout pit crew” of Brotherhood members, Connor Chestnut, Jordan Cuttell, Trenton Shambaugh and Elliot Klopp.

The troop also had several Ordeal members seal their OA membership by standing for the Brotherhood tests: Scouts Connor Ballenger, Ross Chumbley, Connor Harman, Brian and Sean Morris and Ryan Schulteis, and leaders Bill Schulteis and Steve Siler.

The Order of the Arrow is unique among honor organizations because new members are chosen for service and leadership they will perform rather than for work they may have already done. Instead of being an organization run by adults for Scouts, it’s run by Scouts at every level. And instead of being chosen only by current OA members, Scouts who are not yet members share in electing new members each year.

Members of Troop 53’s 2010 Ordeal class, one of the largest in the troop’s history, are Adam Auer, Alex Clabaugh, Ivan Davidson, Patrick Liston, Ryan Liston, Matt Mitchell, Andrew Ornburn, Cole Overton, Matt Siler and Anthony Van Schmus. Carson Gilliland, also elected in 2010, wasn’t able to participate this past weekend.


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