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House chairman Obey to retire

May 6, 2010


— Rep. David Obey, a leading liberal Democrat but a symbol of entrenched incumbency that’s falling out of favor with discontented voters, said Wednesday he will retire at the end of his term this year.

The decision by the often gruff House veteran of four decades and powerful Appropriations Committee chairman dealt Democrats defending their majority another blow headed into a midterm election where they already confronted a significant loss of seats.

Obey, at 71 the third longest-serving current member of the House, faced a potentially bruising re-election campaign this fall for the northwestern Wisconsin seat he’s held since winning a special election in 1969.


Tom Shewmon 3 years, 11 months ago

"...a midterm election where they already confronted a significant loss of seats."

I must take my hat off to all the Dems who "fell on the sword" for The Anointed One.

Anyhoo, that quote above from the article is like manna from heaven. Only, I must wonder if Obama wasn't told my Axelroid to shove ObamaCare down our throats, lose at least one chamber of congress, and thereby increase his chances of a re-election. It worked for Willy back in '96.


barrypenders 3 years, 11 months ago

Maybe Obey Wan will 'Retire' to Mexico?

I am 'Aghast' that Democrats are retiring when they have had 'Control' of the country for so long. The 'Old' gaurd Democrats and Rebublicans seem to have had enough. They just can't do the country any good anymore. But, for Obey Wan to have kept his exit announcement a secret is only representative of the PAD mindset. Poser likes to keep secrets too!

Stimulus, Pssst I'm Quiting, and Posercare live unprecedented

Darwin bless us all


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