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City orders several audits

May 5, 2010


How the city builds its new streets and maintains its old ones will be the subject of a future audit at City Hall.

City commissioners at their Tuesday evening meeting directed City Auditor Michael Eglinski to conduct an audit that reviews the specifications the city uses to construct new streets and maintain existing ones.

“That is always a hot topic,” Commissioner Rob Chestnut said as commissioners created a list of projects for Eglinski to work on over the next 12 months.

Eglinski had suggested the street audit for commissioners to consider because of how highly street concerns ranked on the city’s last citizen survey.

Other audits that commissioners directed Eglinski to conduct included:

• A review of how the city plans and budgets for major capital improvement projects, such as buildings, streets and major utility projects. The audit will compare the city’s planning and budgeting processes with best practices from other communities.

• An analysis of the various user fees and service charges that the city levies. The city charges a number of fees ranging from Municipal Court costs to water and sewer fees.

• A study of how the city pays vendors that provide services to the city. Eglinski said he envisions the audit reviewing the completeness and accuracy of vendor information.

Eglinski also said he will conduct a follow-up report on the financial condition of the city’s Solid Waste Division, and will complete an annual report that looks at several key financial indicators for the city.

Eglinski currently is working to complete a 2009 audit of the city’s police department. He said that audit may produce recommendations that more detailed audits on particular aspects of the department be conducted. He did not elaborate on what areas the audit may recommend for more study. He said the audit should be done in the next two months.

Commissioners said there is the possibility that they could add a police audit to his future workload.


cowboy 7 years, 9 months ago

You really don't need an auditor to tell you the obvious. Hire some talent at city hall.

homechanger 7 years, 9 months ago

I agree with lawrenceguy. Is the auditor really doing a good job. Is the auditor really worth the 100,000 bucks he is making per year?

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