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The Burger Stand set to move out of Dempsey’s and into the Casbah

The gourmet burgers served at Dempsey's in downtown Lawrence will have a new home soon. The burger stand will be opening its own place on Massachusetts Street.

May 3, 2010


Robert Krause, left, and Simon Bates — purveyors of gourmet burgers and fries at The Burger Stand.

Robert Krause, left, and Simon Bates — purveyors of gourmet burgers and fries at The Burger Stand.

In 2009, the Molly and Robert Krause helped turn Dempsey's Pub into one of downtown's most popular eateries. The concept was relatively simple — offer seven or eight modestly priced gourmet burgers and a few flavors of gourmet fries.

The Burger Stand proved to be a coveted complement to Dempsey's beer and pleasing environment. But that's about to change. Molly Krause announced today on her blog that later this summer The Burger Stand will move into the Casbah Market building — right next door to Esquina, the taco joint they just opened in February.

"We will be opening sometime this summer, but will still be serving out of the Demspey’s location until then. The action around here just never seems to stop. I used to think that there would be a time of quiet, but I now have to admit that I like the action as much as Robert." — Molly's full blog.


jstthefacts 8 years ago

couldn't they move it a little farther away than the casbah.Very average burgers.

Phil Minkin 8 years ago

Where do you go for a good burger if you think Dempseys is only average?

local_interest 8 years ago

Where is your perfect burger? I'm being serious and curious at the same time.

b_asinbeer 8 years ago

Again...what's your perfect burger?

Boston_Corbett 8 years ago

I didn't know the LJW perused blogs for news.

clyde_never_barks 8 years ago

It makes for much less work than making it up like normal...

JustNoticed 8 years ago

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sk_in_ks 8 years ago

Hope this means the Burger Stand will be open 7 days a week after the move; last time I checked, they were closed Sundays in their current location inside Dempsey's!

d_prowess 8 years ago

I ate there last night so it is definitely open on Sundays.

Denny2009 8 years ago

great place to grab a burger and beer..keep up the good work Dempseys.

gjmshm 8 years ago

Dempsey's will continue doing even better burgers under a different chef. Unfortunately, there were too many cooks in the kitchen. Dempsey's was forced to make a tough decision when they found out that Robert went to First Management to try to get Dempsey's evicted from the building. Dempsey's has been very generous but has been taken advantage of. It sounds like a Napoleon Complex to me.!

King_Kaun 8 years ago

Better burgers under a different chef?? Should we expect this chef to bring the same "high quality of food" that is currently served at their other bar, Quinton's?? HAHAHA!!! Don't worry Burger Stand...we will follow you wherever you go - even if you are serving out of a van DOWN BY THE RIVER!!

gjmshm 8 years ago

What is "high quality food"? They get their food from the same company as Quinton's. Cisco provides for both. You don't know the facts if you are not in the restaurant business. They were serving pre-made items like the sweet poptato fries! Paaalease!

Grace Greene 8 years ago

I think we all know who has the real Napoleon complex and their name starts with a g and ends with jmshm......The Burger Stand is the best burger joint in North East Kansas. Dempsey's was a shee hole before they came in. People will follow Robert and Simon wherever they go!

Grace Greene 8 years ago

HAHA......Larry must be the owner of Quintons......that's great!

gjmshm 8 years ago

Hello! This is Suzi, by the way. Who is this? If you are referring to my husband, he has nothing to do with this. If you would like to speak with me on this subject please call me. I would be happy to!!!

Grace Greene 8 years ago

Whoever he is, he is a crony. I just went through some of his past comments. Obviously he is connected to the owners of Dempsey's and is in the restaraunt business.....let me post you a few.

Thank you for finally bringing a quality burger to Lawrence. My cheeseburger was $6.99 and worth every penny. The burger at Freestate is $10 and it is terrible. I'm shocked people complain about a $6.99 dinner. The same burger at Blanc in KC is $8.99. If $6.99 is out of your price range for dinner, Checkers is having a sale on Alpo. Enjoy!

Star burger at Pach is very good. It was my favorite until Dempsey's opened. Dempsey's burgers are a tenderloin, ribeye and strip blend. I hope Henry T's does well with the new concept. It might be a tough sell since the only Kobe their current clientel knows about is Kobe Bryant.

Jason has confirmed my belief that nobody can post anything about a business unless he/she has owned a business. It's just that your comments sound really stupid to business owners.

Robert & Molly, Good luck with the new venture, I'm sure it will be a huge success. I will miss your talent as a first class chef and your staff's professionalism.

BBQ=Beimers Burgers=Dempsey's Sandwiches=Quintons

I was involved in a business matter and the property came up in question. During the meeting, we were privvy to the names of the owners and the bank loan info. All I remeber was there were a lot of co-signers on the note and rate was the highest I have ever seen.

NOTICE A TREND? In the beginning he was praising Dempsey's for their burgers (which he never admits it was The Burger Stand) his favorite food places were Quintons and Dempseys, he mentions that only "business" owners should respond to business issues, and that he was in on a "business matter" that involved a night-club property, not to include his countless post on liqour licenses gripes. If he isn't your husband he is someone close to you.

And now he is slamming Robert and Simon for their future plans. Those quotes of his don't lie.

You have been served!

rockchalk2323 8 years ago

know the facts??? do you? Sysco (not Cisco) may provide the food to Quinton's but The Burger Stand gets their products from Ben E Keith Foods.

zanarite 7 years, 10 months ago

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just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 8 years ago

Could the Millsteins be about to sell the Casbah to Compton/First Management?

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 8 years ago

So, does that mean that Compton will kick the Krauses out of the taco corner when the lease expires?

fanaddict 8 years ago

Oh Dempsey's...I will follow you wherever you go...

anitliars 8 years ago

Just discovered these wonder burgers about 5 months ago, and have had about 10 since. All my friends and family love their burgers and fries. We'll be following them wherever they go.

Michael Capra 8 years ago

robert was a bad boy tried to take over dempseys and cut steve out of his lease so robert got kicked to the curb

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 8 years ago

"The burger concept actually started in Kansas City at a place called Blanc."

Bars have been serving burgers for decades, all over the country.

Grace Greene 8 years ago

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birdie138 8 years ago

Plus, Blanc's has their tasty shakes...

Grace Greene 8 years ago

If they were a "succesful bar" why did they bring Dempsey's in for the first place? Come on' Larry! Common sense would tell you that when a bar that was already serving food decides to bring in a chef/celbrity it isn't to help the chef. I don't have to be a crony of Krause's to know that. Alls I had to was go into Dempseys when The Burger Stand opened on a Saturday afternoon and compare it with a year later. It is obvious The Burger Stand saved Dempsey's.

Grace Greene 8 years ago

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zanarite 7 years, 10 months ago

It doesn't seem like an issue of not liking Dempseys, instead it is more an issue of the truth. How many different bars have been at that location in the past 5 years? It's hard to deny the truth that only a handful of people even knew what Dempseys was before the Burger Stand moved in.

gjmshm 8 years ago

Dempsey's was unfortunate to be taken advantage of. Now Krause is just going to be known as the burger guy. They are wearing their welcome out of Lawrence out just like in Topeka.!

zanarite 7 years, 10 months ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Michael Capra 8 years ago

if robert wouldnt have try to cut steve out he wouldnt be moven that was a bad move on roberts part u dont bight the hand that feeds u

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 8 years ago

Explain to me who was doing the feeding, and who was doing the bighting (sic.)

ontheroadfitness 8 years ago

With all this talk about burgers, I'm wondering when there will be a restaurant in town that DELIVERS tasty, healthy meals at affordable prices! :)

whats_going_on 8 years ago

what is tasty and affordable to you? I can find something healthy just about anywhere I go (granted, I don't eat fast food).

ontheroadfitness 8 years ago

Yup, it's pretty easy to find something healthy at most restaurants these days, but I think it'd be cool if there were a place that offered only healthy options AND had delivery. But I'm afraid LarryNative might be correct in Hell having to freeze over before something like that happens...

whats_going_on 8 years ago

agreed, I'd eat there, if their food was good I suppose. I wonder what their menu would look like. :)

local_interest 8 years ago

Define affordable. A good non-sysco/non-usfoods/local food meal in my mind should be around $10. $15-20 for dinner.

thatonedude 8 years ago

I only like Dempsey's for the Burger Stand.

openyourmind 8 years ago

robert krause, we love your food. you are a culinary genius. BUT, you are dealing with the devil. someday you will realize this.

Clickker 8 years ago

What in the world does Chase have to do with this local issue?

greenstrings 8 years ago

blanc burgers did not start gourmet burgers. Sorry, but food concepts are rare in originality. Food tasting as magnificent as The Burger Stand sure is a rare treat. Healthy food is awesome, but why not work out a little extra for a guilty pleasure. As for the talk about what is happening with Dempseys ownership and Burger Stand...forget about it, because none of you will ever have a full picture of the scenario. Get a life...or get a burger...naysayers don't mean a thang! Honestly I never went to Dempseys before the Burger Stand, if they get a new food gig, good for them, maybe I will try that out. As for hell freezing over and the devil'll so hardcore bashing on LJWorld!!!!! Keep it up...because it makes me giggle softly inside. How about them Royals...

eastbelle 8 years ago

teehee ... you makes me chuckle. :-)

greenstrings 8 years ago

It's great that you don't I can sleep at night! Whew, close call. Last time I checked, we only live once, my cardiologist and I frequent the Burger Stand. Your comments are not appealing, but trust in that the food speaks beyond attempts to downplay a great Lawrence restaurant. I'm so glad you have time to let everyone know not to try the food. I'm sure they could not figure that out without your shining insight! Are you mad at the burger? Did it scare you? It's okay, a little burger won't haunt your dreams. I just don't get the point to all the naysaying...get over yourselves and let it be.

misseve 8 years ago

I agree with the repeated request for more than rare cooked burger request... other than that I have had no other complaints about The Burger Stand.

Tim Quest 8 years ago

If you're asking for well-done Kobe beef, the problem is with you, not them.

misseve 8 years ago

what i want is not a bloody burger... and if its my money i should get what i ask for without much ruckus

pizzapete 8 years ago

I agree, way over rated. I would take a burger from Conroy's, Set em up jacks, Jeffersons, or Buffalo Wild Wings over them any day.

Grace Greene 8 years ago

and your favorite move is "American Pie" favorite beer is Budweiser, favorite musician Nickleback and you love mma fighting.......yeah we get the picture

corduroypants 8 years ago

OK, it's Hoobastank instead of Nickleback, but he was pretty close.

openyourmind 8 years ago up on your lawrence history.

the devil talk is in reference to first management, not dempsey's. and there are many many people in this wonderful community who believe that the biggest naysayer and the one who is always challenging what is in the best interest of the community is fm/compton.

greenstrings 8 years ago

This compton bizness is beyond my lawrence history répertoire. I also do not like many decisions made around the world...maybe I should go post bashing all of them too. I understand the devil talk is about fm/compton....but where does this talk, in this setting, get anyone with a community's best interest? All I hear is devil talk and nothing to back those comments. I do not like the idea of a new apartment complex downtown next to that parking garage, but I also do not like stepping in dog doodoo. Should I start a anti-dog doodoo movement on here?

greenstrings 8 years ago

LJWorld is deleting my comments, but why?

JustNoticed 8 years ago

Exactly. Or talk to ANY neighborhood association who has had to deal wlith him. He is a self-centered, selfish little prima donna and a certified liar.

Michael Capra 8 years ago

yes u should start the poop movement

corduroypants 8 years ago

Napoleon only likes delicious bass.

junkhand 8 years ago

underhanded dealings or not, dempsey's management is keeping their head in the sand if they think people are going there for the bar/atmosphere........

James McGuire 8 years ago

6 pm, really? Does that include all of the families getting ice cream? Have you ever even been down there after 6 pm? 99% of the students I have ever interacted with do not go out and start drinking that early. After 10 pm is more realistic, and probably still pushing it a bit.

There is a lot more to do downtown after 6 pm that does not involve students or drinking. Decent food can be found at several places on Mass after 6 pm, and I know this from experience.

bruno2 8 years ago

You're way off the mark Beo. My wife and I love to go downtown on Friday evenings in the summer (about 6:00) to have a nice meal, hang out, and people watch.

eastbelle 8 years ago

I guess we're starting our 8 month old early on the "drunken student" part ... we went to Dempsey's for a nice family dinner the other night .... I believe it was just around 6, actually. Oh, and, trust me, we know NOTHING about decent food. Of course not. Nope.

thatonedude 8 years ago

Having had burgers at Dempsey's after 6pm, I can tell you there's a healthy townie population to go along with "drunken students" there. Same with Free State Brewery, another place with great food.

Keith 8 years ago

prolifersforwar for the win!

smot 8 years ago

This is one of the funniest and best pieces of prose I have read in a long time

naturalist 8 years ago

wouldn't want any of those vegetarians going to Dempsey's burgers.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 8 years ago

"You should be home, watching the evening news "

Is the Replay an acceptable option?

eastbelle 8 years ago

OMG, LMFAO. I might have just woken the baby. Crap. Thanks, though! I will forever look upon this moment and think of myself as both a harlot and godless liberal. Thank goodness for the harlot part! :-) HAHAHAHAHA!

sherbert 8 years ago

I love the burgers but doubt that I'll be going to the Casbah for them.

Kris_H 8 years ago

That was great. LJW should hire you to write news articles, more people would read them.

Steve Miller 8 years ago

All of the burgers come from old tough bulls and worn out cows anyway, they got you on this, you think you are getting quality, just a step above mc d's, maybe even not that .. lmao...

whats_going_on 8 years ago

your post and your name fit quite well, I must say.

LA_Ex 8 years ago

I'm going to go where the quality is. I only went to Dempsey's for the burgers. Without The Burger Stand, Dempsey's is just another bar. Maybe Dempsey's will hire a chef that can make Irish food. After The Burger Stand moves out, this is the only way it will stand out from the rest of the bars in Lawrence.

King_Kaun 8 years ago

You are Correct! Except read the company's website...they AREN'T selling Kobe Beef Burgers...they are selling AMERICAN KOBE beef burgers. Please read up on your facts... here ya go:

Having an ACTUAL "Kobe Beef" burger would not taste as good - as a "burger" is not a great way to enjoy the qualities of authentic "Kobe"....

but the "American Style Kobe" is super duper tasty as a burger and affordable!! Blanc Burger does a GREAT AMerican Kobe burger, too!

Tony Kisner 8 years ago

94 comments. I had to take a look, I thought maybe homeless gays were being married at Dempsey's.

4everahawk 8 years ago

To whomever wanted to know why the reference to Chase Manhattan Bank credit card being shredded....DC is married into that family.

eastbelle 8 years ago

EVIL!!! Ever since they bought out WaMu, I have been wanting to cut up my Chase card ... just another reason ... thanks.

Mike Hoffmann 8 years ago

Awesome hamburgers. Yeah, I would like mine cooked a little longer, but other than that these are the 2nd best burgers I have ever had. Second only to Larkburger in Avon, Colorado.

WhiteDog 8 years ago

Five Guys for the win. Good burger without all the drama.

whats_going_on 8 years ago

double the fry-induced heart attacks, however.

bangaranggerg 8 years ago

I'm never shocked by the trolling and strange behavior that can go on by these comment sections, but I am suprised in this instance today of how much some of you know about involved parties and how seemingly accurate you are gossip-wise. I wish we could refine that - I'd be really, super interested in reading about local business related development events and gossip with as much crazy filtered out of it as possible.

basil 8 years ago

(Sorry: that got posted in the wrong place.)

tubs_of_love 8 years ago

Anybody ever make their own burger? I use plain old ground beef and really, it's better, especially for the price. Although I DO like a Dempsey's burger when I'm feeling lazy.

intheknow 8 years ago

Yipee!! I love the Burger Stand! I love my burger bloody, served with micro greens and a truffle sauce that drips from my fingers. I'll jog and extra few (um, hundred) miles to work that burger off! Naysayers...head to McDonald's...the price and quality should suit you just fine. Sorry Dempsey's - we'd grab a Guiness from you with our burger, but not if there's no Burger Stand, we're out!

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