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Work continues on U.S. 59 in Douglas County as Franklin County stretch opens for business

March 30, 2010


Work continues on a new U.S. Highway 59 in Douglas County, with the stretch of new four-lane freeway expected to open for traffic in late 2012.

On Tuesday, the southern portion of the expanded highway opened. That stretch of road runs from Interstate 35 near Ottawa in Franklin County to the Douglas County line.

In all, the new U.S. 59 will be expected to cost $240 million and provide safer and more efficient travel between Lawrence and Ottawa.

The old highway will be split into pieces, for use by local traffic as high-speed travelers take advantage of the new freeway — with improved visibility, wide shoulders, interchange ramps and other features — just to the east.


situveux1 8 years, 2 months ago

Finally! That stretch looked like it was ready to open for the past 3 months. Maybe the weather has delayed the opening.

NotASquishHead 8 years, 2 months ago

Amazing, it seems as though construction on the Franklin County side of US59 started after N 2nd/Locust, but finished first. Unreal.

I know this isn't true, but it seems that way. N. 2nd / Locust is really starting to tick me off.

Crystal Patterson 8 years, 2 months ago

On my way home from school today a portion of 59 was closed but instead of taking the new highway (as was the case further north), traffic was having to take the country roads west a mile, then north a mile, then back east a mile to 59. I wish they would let us know how long that may last.

Janet Lowther 8 years, 2 months ago

Well. . . Concrete takes a minimum of 28 days to reach it's maximum strength, and that can doubtlessly be stretched by cold weather.

We've been waiting for the new concrete at N.2nd and Locust to cure for at least a month. . .

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