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100 years ago: Jail break attempt foiled

March 26, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for March 26, 1910: Dr. Charles Hughes Johnston of the University of Michigan has been offered the position of dean of the new school of education at the University of Kansas, subject to approval of the board of regents. He has accepted the appointment. Dr. Hughes is regarded as one of the most promising young educators in America and should fit in quite well at the university and in the community. His doctorate work was done at Harvard. . . . Two boys in the city jail had a jail break planned last night but it was foiled when police learned about it and took action. The two somehow had found a key to an important exit but the police were tipped off and intervened. Both are thieves, one who stole a bicycle and the other railroad tickets. . . . The Lawrence Street Railway Co. will bring some experts from other electric line operations here next week to meet with officials on how to make our operation better and to provide for better street lighting all along the car routes. . . . A local shoe store clerk was attacked by two men in a robbery this morning. They dashed into the store and found no money but may have made off with pair of shoes. The clerk is recovering.


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