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Texas Republican says he shouted ’baby killer’

March 23, 2010


— Texas Republican Rep. Randy Neugebauer acknowledged Monday that he is the lawmaker who shouted out “baby killer” during a floor speech by Rep. Bart Stupak, an anti-abortion Democrat whose vote was crucial to passing the Democratic health care bill Sunday evening.

Neugebauer, who has represented a solidly GOP district that includes the city of Lubbock since 2003, said he had apologized to Stupak for his outburst, which drew a rebuke from the chair during the often-rowdy debate.

Neugebauer insisted in a statement that he was not referring directly to Stupak but to the agreement that the Michigan Democrat helped work out with the White House. That eleventh-hour agreement, under which President Barack Obama said he would issue an executive order pledging that no federal funds be used for abortions, helped seal the last votes Democrats needed to pass the bill.

He said his exact words, referring to that agreement, were “it’s a baby killer.”


Roland Gunslinger 4 years ago

What was heard was "baby killer", Neugebauer claims he said "it's a baby killer".

Maybe Neugebauer is changing what he actually said to save his hide.

Who knows.


Eybea Opiner 4 years ago

If he shouted "it's a baby killer" why the headline? There is a lot of difference between shouting, "baby killer" and "it's a baby killer." One is a slanderous personal attack while the other is a comment on the bill, itself.

Too bad that journalists let personal opinion and/or hyperbole get in the way of accuracy in reporting.


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