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Parkinson signs into law ban on K2

The chemicals in K2 have officially been deemed illegal by Kansas state officials.

March 10, 2010, 1:32 p.m. Updated March 10, 2010, 1:32 p.m.


K2 Debate

Lawrence is a focal point for the current debate in the Kansas Legislature about banning the active ingredient in an herbal substance known as K2. Follow the debate and the progress of the Kansas bills here.

— Gov. Mark Parkinson on Wednesday signed into law a bill that bans several chemicals found in K2, which has been used by some to get high.

“This legislation has received overwhelming support by Kansas law enforcement and the Legislature,” said Parkinson. “It will help improve our communities by better equipping law enforcement officers in addressing this issue and deterring Kansans from drug use,” he said.

House Bill 2411 amends the Kansas Uniform Controlled Substance Act to include several synthetic cannabinoids.

The substances were found in the product called K2, which had been marketed in several stores, including one in Lawrence, as an herbal incense.

But law officials said they were finding out that people were smoking K2 to get high.

The new law will go into effect upon publication in the Kansas Register, which is published weekly.


ClaroAtaxia 7 years ago

Yay, it's now illegal to possess incense. I feel so SAFE! No, tell me why they didn't ban Duster, Elmer's Glue, starting fluid, and Whip-Its? Is incense really abused more than those? Didn't think so. Oh and is this legislation more important than the states insanely high unemployment? Nope, but it'll give them votes from the ppl dumb enough to think K2 is actually a problem.

You don't need K2 anyways. Go to ebay and buy pure JWH-018.

Ray_Finkle 7 years ago

I certainly will sleep better tonight. . . .

somedude20 7 years ago

sweet, they banned k2 lets get a drink. wait, no, lets get drunk. lets smoke a cig! hey can I have one of those oxycodones that your doc just handed you? lets eat a poop ton of fast food. hey, you know that we can get drunk, run over someone, leave the scene and only get a slap a the wrist? thank god that they banned that evil drunk k2

1029 7 years ago

Good for you, Ray. At the same time, schoolchildren all across the state will likely be tossing and turning all night long wondering where their next fix will come from. Why won't anyone think of the children?

Ray_Finkle 7 years ago

Darn K2Heads always out causing trouble!

bd 7 years ago

Great now that it is illegal, the price will go up!

wamola 7 years ago

Seriously misguided politicians in this state are nothing new. For them to even make an issue over this just shows an amature PR campaign to make it look like they accomplished something. At least they get to go home in giant SUVs, make a scotch, tuck their misguided spoiled future frat boy leaders of the world in at night with a nice story about how they are preserving the future for mankind. I'm with somedude20. Lets all get effid up at one of the dozens of drug dens(Bars) downtown in celebration of our safe streets.

phoggyjay 7 years ago

Use cannabis, not K2... K2 is bad for you... dopeheads!

Alexander Neighbors 7 years ago

AWESOME ! They really Care about communities....... Lets take a moment and review just how much banning incense has done for our community.

.....Deaths from K2 incense = 0.00 .....Deaths from Weed=0 .....Deaths from Alcohol=385
( .....Deaths from Tobacco= 66530 (

I think if this Parkinson wants to “ help improve our communities" he should do his homework before passing legislation. If you wanna help people look at the above statistics and fix the problem.

O. By the way congrats on passing a law that obviously will help no one but the state spend more money on incarcerating people, and a double thanks for now making police waste more resources on chasing down people who are in possession of INCENSE.

Jeremy DeBoard 7 years ago

1029 (anonymous) says…

Good for you, Ray. At the same time, schoolchildren all across the state will likely be tossing and turning all night long wondering where their next fix will come from.

No they won't. The same children who turned to K2 will turn back to weed. If you think this will stop kids from getting their hands on things they want, you've got a lot to learn, my friend.

Stuart Evans 7 years ago

Hooray for government that acts on the whims of scared people. Yay for a lack of scientific reality. I demand to throw more of my tax dollars at law enforcement that can't handle the current prohibition war on Americans.

ClaroAtaxia 7 years ago

HAHA, I figured there would be some nasty comments following mine. Guess most ppl around here are smarter than I thought.

Here's an idea, legalize cannabis so that ppl don't have to turn to harmful synthetics that won't show up on a piss test. Make alcohol illegal at the same time for all I care, THEN they'd be saving some lives.

Alexander Neighbors 7 years ago

I know how I would not vote for this coming election........

chasmo 7 years ago

The real thing is likely safer, would surly taste better, and for sure smells better. Wow that could be an ad "It's The real thing"

TheWeedBlog 7 years ago

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TheWeedBlog 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

kawrivercrow 7 years ago

Coffee Wonks on Broad St in KCMO. 3 grams for $30, cash only.

Beth Bird 7 years ago

What a great way to spend taxpayer's money....useless legislation....but what else can you expect from the government. What a waste of time and money!

beim 7 years ago

YEAH FUR AMURKA!!! WE ARE THE HOME OF THE WAR MONGERING HARMLESS SMOKE MATERIAL BANNIN GOVERNEMT!! i wonder if they ever considered how we spend 55% of our taxes on our out of control war machine that is reported to have killed so far around 1 million Iraqis. I mean, wow, we really have a government that obviously cares a lot about the kids on the corner that now have a better chance to go to jail, but what about the rest of the world? Well, by the way they govern I would say they know little to nothing about the world as people who do know something about the world and have traveled a bit tend to be way less ignorant and care about bigger issues. Ring the stupid bell loud and hard Kansas, let the rest of the world know! By the way, in MO they just opened up a K2 supper store. Have fun kids!

Stuart Evans 7 years ago

mmmm K2 for's delicious in a casserole.

sourpuss 7 years ago

More babysitting by the government.

monkeyspunk 7 years ago

Vote each and every one of the jokers that voted for this out, please.

They distract us from the real issues. By doing this they are actually increasing the financial burden on small law enforcement agencies, forcing them to incarcerate someone for doing something that is harmless.

These same idiotic republicans tell our Governor that it isn't a good time to tax during economic hard times. Well tell me something republicans, how much will have to be spent arresting, trying, and incarcerating people for selling, buying, possessing or using incense?

Stupid stupid stupid.

earline james 7 years ago

Any news on how the bill to legalize medical marijuana is doing?

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