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Armed robbery reported at Scooter’s Coffeehouse

Lawrence police are investigating an armed robbery reported at Scooter's Coffeehouse, 2005 W. Ninth Street, about 5:45 p.m. Wednesday.

March 10, 2010, 5:56 p.m. Updated March 10, 2010, 9:07 p.m.


Police investigate armed robbery at coffeehouse

Lawrence Police officers work at the scene of a reported armed robbery at Scooter's Coffeehouse, 2005 W. Ninth Street, late Wednesday afternoon. Enlarge video

Police investigate a robbery Wednesday at Scooter’s Coffeehouse, near Ninth and Iowa streets. A suspect held up two employees of the drive-through coffee shop at gunpoint Wednesday evening.

Police investigate a robbery Wednesday at Scooter’s Coffeehouse, near Ninth and Iowa streets. A suspect held up two employees of the drive-through coffee shop at gunpoint Wednesday evening.

Lawrence police are searching for a suspect who held up two employees of a Lawrence drive-thru coffee shop at gunpoint Wednesday evening.

Officers were called to Scooter’s Coffeehouse, 2005 W. Ninth St., about 5:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Lawrence police Sgt. Mark Warren said the suspect, armed with a silver handgun, came into the building and robbed the two employees inside.

Police describe the suspect as a black male, between 5-feet-10 to 5-feet-11 inches, with a medium build.

Warren said the suspect was wearing some sort of hat and had a medical mask covering his face.

Police are still trying to determine how much cash the man got away with.

Anyone with information on the armed robbery is urged to call the Douglas County CrimeStoppers tips line at 843-TIPS.


nobody1793 8 years ago

wow. In broad daylight at a busy intersection...and oh so many potholes to slow your get-away!

Graczyk 8 years ago

I'm surprised there are so many cops there. Didn't think they served doughnuts.

But seriously, that is way scary and I hope everyone is okay.

Leslie Swearingen 8 years ago

Graczyk Cop and doughnut jokes are so yesterday. Did you know that cop is an acronym for constable on patrol? Do they have drive by coffee?

BruceWayne 8 years ago

no fear Lawrence! The Batman is on the case...

sally87 8 years ago

I'm going to hazard a guess that they were from Topeka.....It's usually Topeka.....or should I be saying Google

somebodynew 8 years ago

@ notjustyoureverydayaveragetrol - Since nobody answered you question, no not related at all. (Now the robber could be.) Scooter's Coffee House is owned by the same people that operate that gas station and a couple of others around town.

Christine Anderson 8 years ago

Good grief! If a person needs coffee that badly( and I do understand this), go to Hastings!

airgaurdsfs 8 years ago

i was listing to my scanner and the suspect is to belived to be from derby.

Graczyk 8 years ago

Why would I care what cop means, Irish? Anyway, that's as old as a doughnut joke.

Melanie Birge 8 years ago

As much as they charge for coffee!? yeah they had the $ So sad though, hope they didn't get away with to much money, Love the Coffee, and there Tea!

budwhysir 8 years ago

yep, you know times are tough when a guy holds up a coffee shop right down the street from a bank. I tend to believe it isnt the amount of money they can get away with it is the thrill of the project. If we had a little tougher laws might make a difference.

Probably not enough money taken to be classified as a felony, using a gun to commit the robbery, not sure might turn it to a felony but since he didnt do anything but show it to they people my guess would be a slap on the wrist and a free vacation with 3 meals and a shower for about a month. Beats life on the streeet

jaywalker 8 years ago

I wanna mocha and I want it now! Oh, and throw in one of those muffins and the $135 from the drawer, if you don't mind. Mercy buckets.

Usually I'd jump to the conclusion that such a small target was the work of an addict. But these days, with this economy.....

Not condoning, just sayin'.

Robert Marble 8 years ago

Budwhysir: "Beats life on the streeet" Lawrence? yeah right...

Flap Doodle 8 years ago

Relax and have a popsicle, paulette. It's a cool and fruity treat on a winter day.

Jimbecile 8 years ago

I heard that place was haunted. Concealed carry should scare off them ghosts

mdrndgtl 8 years ago

Agreed Budwhysir, it's not armed robbery if he only shows the employees his handgun and said employees accidently drop all the cash in their drawers into his pockets.

middlemgmt 8 years ago

I see some of you like the coffee. I can't get my mind around going there because it use to be the gas station bathrooms.

Charlie Bannister 8 years ago

paulette2 says "oh yea concealed carry would have solved the problem."

In spite of your obvious sarcasm, it may or may not have. However, if we ever get "open carry" here like Arizona and a few other states have, it WILL be an even more serious deterrent to most of the bad guys. Open Carry makes for a more polite society.

I laugh with glee when I think back to many Dems saying that the blood was going to run in the streets when we got concealed carry. Never happened. I knew it would not, because it never does wherever carry laws are enacted. Gotta love it.

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