Letters to the Editor

Driving hazard

March 2, 2010


To the editor:

On a normal weather day, driving on U.S. 59 highway, having construction delays, I drive under the work zone speed limit and follow the rules for work zones. My question is: Why can’t the construction workers, when driving their personal vehicles, do the same?

I see guys not looking to get on the highway, just dart out into traffic, like they own the road they are trying to fix. Last time I checked the Kansas driver’s license rule book, it did say a driver has to look both ways before entering a roadway. Then at the same time if they remember to put on their turn signal, it is usually 5 feet in front of their designated turn, not 100 feet like the state rule book states.

It is going to be warming up soon, and there will be more drivers out on the roadways, so we all, no matter who we are, or where we go, need to follow basic traffic rules, that we should have learned in driving school.

If people are unsure what the rules are, get a book at the driver’s license office and study it. We have rules to follow as a regular licensed driver, or we face punishment. What about the guys driving on or off construction sites? Do they have rules, too?


Bruce Liddel 8 years ago

This issue has become hopelessly politicized. 50+ years of brainwashing that only speed and red-light running can cause accidents has left people - even highway workers themselves - to believe it is OK to drive as Ms Ford describes. Accidents will result, people will die, and government will say they just don't have enough resources, so they'll put in stop lights and lower the speed limits. The universal cure - they say.

Of course, overzealous enforcement of absurdly low speed limits and red light cameras and sobriety check points have become lucrative cash cows for many corrupt governments who seek to maximize their power at the expense of citizens who are defenseless against such judicial abuse and tyranny. Yes, I'm talking about being found guilty even when you can prove innocence. It happens, just like the Holocaust happened.

Government worries about all the wrong things. They always have, and I fear they always will.

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