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D.A.: No criminality caught on ACORN video

March 2, 2010


— ACORN employees caught on video apparently advising a couple posing as a prostitute and her boyfriend to lie about her profession and launder her earnings did not commit a crime, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office said Monday.

The office began its investigation Sept. 15, the day after the video was released online by the conservative activists who posed as an outlaw couple seeking help buying a house. It was but one in a series of such videos filmed at ACORN offices around the country that sparked a national scandal and helped drive the organization to near ruin.

Several of ACORN’s local offices have officially disbanded and resumed operations under new names and with similar staff in an effort to escape the scandal that has surrounded the 40-year-old organization in recent months.

The videos created a political and media firestorm when they were released, adding to problems the organization had faced as it was dogged by allegations of voter-registration fraud and embezzlement. In September, Congress blocked previously approved funds from going to ACORN.


Brent Garner 5 years ago

Of course no criminality was found in ACORN! Why, we can't prosecute an Obama supporting organization or individuals! First the New Black Panthers get a pass for voter intimidation--caught on video mind you--in 2008. Large numbers of Obama's administration failed to pay their taxes but no prosecution! Democrat members of Congress fail to pay their taxes and no prosecution! Now ACORN gets a pass! I see how this works! Be an Obama supporter and you too can flaunt the law and do as you please!

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 5 years ago

It'll be interesting to see how Fox, et al, spin this news-- if they acknowledge it at all.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 5 years ago

I really admire the way you don't let facts get in the way of ideology, bk.

feeble 5 years ago

Did the DA have access to the original tapes? The tapes released to Fox and on were dubbed and heavily edited.

Brent Garner 5 years ago


It is not ideology! It is about a pattern emerging where those tied in with the far left of the democrat party seem to be able to blithly avoid the consequences of breaking the law! I would be just as incensed if the people in question were Republicans or even members of the flat earth society! When you let your buddies off the hook because of their political connections it is corruption pure and simple and should be opposed by anyone who loves liberty, freedom, and justice. But perhaps you value those only when you can use them to serve your own ends.

ivalueamerica 5 years ago

do you really want to try and match me scandel for scandel, broken law for broken law for the extreme right vs the extreme left?

Stuart Evans 5 years ago

they should have gotten a DA from somewhere that isn't known for it's corruption. that's business as usual in Brooklyn.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 5 years ago

" It is about a pattern emerging"

The only pattern emerging is the permanent hyperventilation of so-called news outlets like Fox over "scandals" that run the gamut between totally unsubstantiated and outright fabricated.

ivalueamerica 5 years ago

if extremists like barry or bk had any morals or values to speak of, they would be just as vehement when they see a scandal be it right or left.

I denounce the Klan and La Raza equally, because racism is a plague no matter what direction it goes.

I denounced Clinton when he lied to us just as fast as I denounced Bush.

I have values and moral that I offer equally to all spectrums of society, barry and DK have only values whatsoever and tehrefore will lie cheat and steal to win at all costs.

I would be very happy if ACORN would cease to exist becuase of their failures....just as I think the Swiftboat people as they were caught being unscrupulous.

Berry praises one and denounces another simply because it supports his sides, not his morals or values as he has none.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 5 years ago

"I denounce the Klan and La Raza equally"

They are not equal-- not even close.

"I would be very happy if ACORN would cease to exist becuase of their failures"

Which failures are those? Sure, they aren't perfect. But nearly all of the charges of "failures" or "scandals" that Fox News and other wingnuts hyperventilate over just don't hold up under honest scrutiny. The attacks on ACORN are mostly racist demagoguery.

beatrice 5 years ago

Is the dunce who made the tape still in jail for other offenses?

ivalueamerica 5 years ago

bozo, do not put words into my mouth....I was clearly saying that when the KKK does something racist, I denounce it, when National council of La Raza does something racist, I denounce it just as fast.

Acorn has many failures of leadership and demonstrated by many personal failures across the country...While I agree the documentarian is a fraud, and now obviously a criminal, and there has been no findings of out and out prosecutable fraud, nearly every non-profit rule of ethics has been broken and when a non-profit does that, they should suffer..whether i agree with their goal or fact if I agree with their goal as I do ACORN, I will hold them to the highest standard because not only is what they do worth doing, it is worth doing right.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 5 years ago

"when National council of La Raza does something racist, I denounce"

Can you give an example?

"Acorn has many failures of leadership and demonstrated by many personal failures across the country."

Again, can you give some examples?

Mixolydian 5 years ago

Fortunately for ACORN, aggravated stupidity is not a this case.

pace 5 years ago

Weren't the posers the same guys who later broke into a congressional office and tried to tap phones? I would think the little gangsters might be guilty of fraud. They seem to be inspired by the inept Gop watergate burglers.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 5 years ago

If you want to know how much "journalism" was actually involved in this joke, watch this video of Andy Breitbart, the wannabe pimp's boss, squirm while trying to make excuses for its shoddiness. It's pretty funny.

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