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State defers payment to school districts again

March 1, 2010


— A cash crunch has forced Kansas to delay aid payments to its public schools for the fifth consecutive month.

The state was supposed to send about $200 million Monday to its 295 school district. State Budget Director Duane Goossen confirmed that none of the money was sent.

Goossen said the first half of the payments should be sent to school districts later this week. He said the second half probably will be paid later in the month.

The state still hasn't made a quarterly $70 million payment to support teacher pensions that was due Jan. 15.

The latest delays come after tax collections in February fell $71 million short of expectations.

Goossen reiterated that he expects delays in school aid payments to continue through April.


Jeremy DeBoard 8 years, 1 month ago

What is the impact to the schools when they don't receive their aid payments on time? Seeing as how teachers will be receiving their salaries on the 12th this month and only half of the aid will be received by this date, does this mean there will be some teachers out there who won't receive their checks this month until much later?

In short, who's not getting paid because of this late receipt of aid payments to schools?

pittstatebb 8 years, 1 month ago

notjustyoureverydayaveragetrol- Taxes are historically very low. Consolidaiton does not save money unless it is used as a justification to reduce currect funding to ALL districts (including those that will not be consolidated and thus will not have any expenses cut). The largest school districts would be extremely hurt by consolidation. See study that showed consolidating roughly 1/2 of school districts and saved roughly 4% of K-12 budget. Not going to happen any time soon because it is political suicide.

kjh 8 years, 1 month ago

The Lawrence School District budgets for this continued "short changing" from the state by keeping a back up of around $5.5 million to make payroll, then when they are reimbursed by the state each month they replace those funds. It's a sad way to have to manage things, but kudos to the District for not leaving our teachers hanging. Although, there are other budget issues that cancel out my admiration for the District! notjustyouraveragetrol - "please start combining districts and closing un-needed schools soon..." I'd like to hear your definition of an "un-needed school". Do you have children in school? If so, I'm guessing whatever your definition is wouldn't include that school. Rather than jumping to the conclusion that any of our schools are "un-needed", I would strongly recommend that you ask the hard questions of your District as to why they are wasting tax payers' money, including yours.

frank mcguinness 8 years, 1 month ago

I have yet to hear about the kansas legislature getting a defered payment?

conservative 8 years, 1 month ago

This will continue this year and for a long time to come. This is exactly why the save our schools suggestions that involve raiding saved funds and short term fixes are not the way to go. The best way to fix the school budgets is to take the long term approach. Close small schools. Do away with the administrative and secondary positions that go with those schools. Actually sell the buildings!

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