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25 years ago: Minor fire started in Central Park locomotive

June 29, 2010


Although several area public officials were unaware of it, there was an obscure part of President Reagan’s proposed tax package which would eliminate the use of industrial revenue bonds as an incentive for industrial expansion. An aide for Sen. Bob Dole said that there could be lack of knowledge about it because “the tax proposal looks like the New York City telephone directory. It will take a long time to digest.”

Lawrence firefighters were notified by a local resident that smoke was visible coming from the old locomotive at Central Park. Responders observed smoke coming from the train’s tender, but the cause turned out to be dozens of Topeka Joyland Park tickets that someone had stuffed into an opening and set ablaze.

City commissioners unanimously hired Chris McKenzie as Douglas County’s new legal counselor. The position required someone “to handle non-criminal legal matters and to assist with administrative and personnel matters.”


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