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MSNBC names Lawrence one of top U.S. college towns

June 25, 2010


Try this on for a new league for Kansas University. named Lawrence as one of its nine favorite college towns in the U.S., placing it in the same league as some of the more renowned university communities in the country.

“We’re in very good company,” said Susan Henderson, marketing director for the Lawrence Convention and Visitors Bureau. “It is very flattering.”

The other eight: Austin, Texas; Berkeley, Calif.; Athens, Ga.; Gainesville, Fla.; Princeton, N.J.; Madison, Wis.; Boston; and Boulder, Colo.

Lawrence was highlighted for its history — particularly Old West Lawrence — Massachusetts Street, the city’s arts scene and outdoor areas around Clinton Lake.

“They hit all the highlights,” Henderson said. “That’s what we spend a lot of time talking about. The fact that MSNBC has endorsed it means we’re on the right track.”

Henderson said such mentions online do have a real impact. She said these articles often remind readers that they’ve heard other good things about the community, and will plant a seed about making their own trip.

Plus, she said this one comes at a good time as travelers may be looking for a quick summer get-away.


kusp8 6 years ago

Quick, hide this from Lew, don't let him taint this too.......and yes, I just said taint.

Keith 6 years ago

MSNBC? Isn't that part of the liberal media?

Majestic42 6 years ago

This is the one thing I would agree with MSNBC about.

easyliving 6 years ago

"Keith" that you? Sneaky Liberals.

Majestic42 6 years ago

Wilbur? I thought the slumlord-of-Lawrence was Doug Compton? Don't even get me started on that joker.

parrothead8 6 years ago

While I can't disagree with any of the cities on the list, I'm a bit surprised that Chapel Hill, NC did not make the list. That is one cool college town, even if it is UNC.

slowplay 6 years ago

Been there. It reminds me more of Manhattan, KS. than Lawrence. All student centered and not many local community activities.

Stuart Evans 6 years ago

stabbings, shootings, rapists, homeless, endless construction, ticket scandals, lenient judges....Makes one wonder what's going on in the rest of these places.

jafs 6 years ago

Why not stay and try to improve it?

workinghard 6 years ago

What were the ratings for academics, housing, jobs, and crime? What were they rating on, fun? Exactly what is the reason for including Old West Lawrence, tearing them up for substandard student housing has ruined many of the houses.

WilburM 6 years ago

That's simply not true about Old West Lawrence, which has become increasingly single family over the past twenty-thirty years. When visitors stay downtown, they often walk through OWL to take in the houses, tress, etc. of Kansas's first historic neighborhood.

ralphralph 6 years ago

... and the occasional Hotel Gigantico.

Eddie Muñoz 6 years ago

Wow, so many negative voices on the LJW!

dontcallmedan 6 years ago

True, but now you're being negative.

tomatogrower 6 years ago

You have to realize that most of the negative voices on this forum do not represent Lawrence. It's been pointed out in the past that at the last election, according to this forum, the sales tax for the bus system would have failed. But it passed at with about 70% of the vote. Get out and be a part of the community, then you'll realize what a great town Lawrence is.

slowplay 6 years ago

Good point. I think many posters here never get involved at all in the community. I've have lived and visited many areas around the USA and Lawrence is where I'll retire. There's balance between the University and the community. It's been a great place to live.

CreatureComforts 6 years ago

No kidding...I am from Boston and I cannot believe it would even be considered for this list. Great city, I love it but...come on.

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

The local real estate industry has been at it again.

Those are my findings after researching the "favorite city ratings" two years ago. The real estate industry keeps busy trying to sell houses.

That is when I discovered Lawrence,Kansas was known for art. At that time Lawrence was holding a number 17 position.

For whatever reason Art was the only topic Lawrence had any recognition whatsoever among "cool" college towns.

Does MSNBC actually spend any time in these cities? No. There are tons of these surveys and they only know what they are fed.

Lawrence,Kansas would be more economically sound if it would truly develop the Art industry for that is one area that remains strong and some communities are claiming that ART revived their local economics.

Forget the money losing Baur Farms,Riverfront Plaza,Tanger Mall, 6th and Wakarusa and the southeast Lawrence retail venture.

CreatureComforts 6 years ago

Where are these magical communities saved by art? Sources, please? Unless you're speaking of Barcelona a la Picasso, I'm really curious how something like art could save a town of Lawrence's size.

Alabamastreet 6 years ago

Second great piece of news for Larryville in a week! Population growth and now some national publicity. There is nothing more I like doing that bragging about my town to all my JoCo co-workers, we are lucky to have gem of a city, let's all keep working to make it even better. See you at the Wednesday band concert, see you at the Thursday night movies, see you on Mass street, see you at the farmer's market and see you out on the Kansas River bike trail. It's just another great, great day to be living in Larry!!!

Alabamastreet 6 years ago

PS, I live on the fringes of OWL, but some of the streets here are among the most beautiful residential streets I've ever seen (and I travel a lot). People take pride in their homes and their neighborhoods, so I have no idea why anyone would say it is taken over by student housing, that's craziness and factually wrong.

dontcallmedan 6 years ago

Probably confusing OWL with Oread, where even the Neighborhood Association was recently hijacked by developers and landlords.

BigPrune 6 years ago of MSNBC's 9 favorite pinko commie towns......

thatonedude 6 years ago

"gasp Something positive! I must try and tear it down as quickly as possible, in a totally asinine manner!"

spartyinjayhawkland 6 years ago

Regardless of how one feels about the idealogical spin at MSNBC, I say thank you for acknowledging Lawrence's combination of highly positive traits! Let's roll up our sleeves and get as much mileage out of this rating as we can in support of high end economic development.

livefoniks 6 years ago

And Kansas City was the first city in the NATION to have the Plaza Lighting Ceremony!

huskerpower 6 years ago

Why do I have a feeling that most of the antagonists on this site would also complain if Lawrence was left off of the list???

ralphralph 6 years ago

Re: The Art Industry (oxymoron?)

As Downtown becomes a restaurant and bar zone, rather than a shopping zone, implement incentives to include exhibition space, performances, music venues, etc., so it becomes not just a place to eat and get drunk, but a place to eat and get drunk and support the arts!

The live music scene is the real hallmark of the best college communities .... e.g., 6th St in Austin. That doesn't happen by accident, but needs to be fostered. Do it.

Majestic42 6 years ago

And as an added bonus, the live music scene actually CONTRIBUTES to the community, both monetarily, entertainmently (sp?), and coolnessly. The art scene is nice to have around (like the gallery above Signs of Life), but it's not a money-maker, or something that's easily accessible to the majority of people hanging out on Mass. A better live music scene would encourage creativity and the overall "hangout" qualities of Mass St. Heck, I go down and listen to the people playing instruments and panhandling just to hear some live music.

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