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Regents leader praises Gray-Little

The board said Bernadette Gray-Little has done a good job in her first year of leadership at Kansas University.

June 24, 2010


Although Kansas University Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little’s performance review took place behind closed doors, Jill Docking, chairwoman of the Kansas Board of Regents, said afterward that KU has the right person in the job to address the university’s needs for the years to come.

“Bernadette Gray-Little will be a transformational leader for the University of Kansas,” Docking said Wednesday afternoon, praising the chancellor’s focus on issues such as research and student retention.

Docking also said she was confident Gray-Little would address the issues behind the recent athletics woes that included a cash-for-tickets scandal.

The chancellor’s review was part of the regents’ annual reviews of the six chief executives of the regents universities in Kansas. It did not include a salary adjustment — regents typically consider pay issues in the fall.

Docking said the ticket wrongdoing in the athletics department had been going on at KU long before Gray-Little arrived on campus last August.

“She came into this situation,” Docking said. “How she comes out of it is very important.”

Docking said she was confident Gray-Little would lead the university in the right direction — not just in the athletics situation, but academically as well.

Regents, who will meet again this morning, are scheduled to set tuition rates for Kansas universities and to hear an update from Gray-Little on the ticket scandal.

In other business during Wednesday’s meeting the Regents:

• Allocated $40 million in federal stimulus dollars for the upcoming fiscal year — KU received $12.9 million, which was the most of any state university. The board allocated the funds in accordance with the proportion of state funding the institutions normally receive. The schools will use the money for building repairs and tuition mitigation.

• Approved a previously discussed policy to allow state universities to grant honorary degrees with regents approval.

• Approved $4.1 million in tax credits for deferred maintenance for KU’s Lawrence campus and $1.6 million for KU Medical Center.


opobserver 7 years, 10 months ago

The KC Star is reporting that The Chancellor will be holding a meeting discussing changes in the athletic department. I cannot find the article in the LJW.
Maybe the LJW knows that this whole thing is being swept under the rug, Over a million dollars stolen from the university and no one has been arrested. These folks are probably moving on to other universities to do the same scam there.

grimpeur 7 years, 10 months ago

A lot more than $1M has been stolen from the University. Or should we say, "diverted" from the university to pay for football palaces and legions of overpaid assistant coaches and flying hundreds of unneeded personnel around the country and fifth and sixth practice fields, cars, houses, "scholarship" boxes, etc.

No, let's say "stolen."

All for a losing football team.

DennisAnderson 7 years, 10 months ago

Dear opobserver: We've referred several times to the issue of the chancellor's meeting regarding the athletic department and it was in the Regents story today. Dennis Anderson Managing Editor Lawrence Journal-World

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