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40 years ago: Bounty on animals to come to an end

June 24, 2010


Bounty hunters - the kind that hunted down criminals - had long ago disappeared from the scene, but the type that would be rewarded for bringing in “critters” was about to pass into the history books as well. For years, bounties had been collected in Kansas on coyotes ($2), crows (10 cents), and gophers (10 cents) by turning in the ears to the county clerk. However, in accordance with a new state law, the county clerk’s office would no longer pay bounties as of June 30.

Mike Kasson, age 2, unintentionally gave his family a scare when he decided to find a new place for his nap. Mike’s family, who lived on Rt. 1 northwest of the city (near North Iowa and Peterson Road), frantically searched for him for more than an hour with the help of the Sheriff’s Department before the youngster was found sleeping peacefully under the bed.


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