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100 years ago: Slot machines frowned upon

June 24, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for June 24, 1910: “Marshal Herd went around to six places and told the proprietors that the slot machines in their places of business would have to be removed. The machine was an honest machine in that it gave the man who put his nickel into the slot his money’s worth in the shape of someone’s chewing gum. But the machine was also equipped with some beautiful pictures of grapes, apples and other fruit which might or might not show themselves at the end of a revolution. If grapes showed the patron would get five cents in trade. Many who would have taken his money to the meat market and the grocery store, left it in the ‘get rich quick’ device.... It was announced by the local Humane Society that the magnificent marble drinking fountain which the society will erect at the intersection of New Hampshire and Warren next month, was shipped June 14. The fountain comes all the way from Rockford, Maine. It is an immense marble structure. Its designs include a large circular drinking basin for horses, and numerous smaller basins near the base for smaller animals.”


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