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Body of missing priest recovered from Topeka-area lake

June 22, 2010


— The body of a retired priest who had been missing since Sunday has been recovered in a private lake near Topeka.

The Shawnee County Sheriff's Department says a water rescue team found the body of 77-year-old Bruce Rahtjen early Tuesday from Lake Edun, a nudist camp near Topeka. He was last seen by his wife fishing at the lake on Sunday.

The Kansas City Star reports that Rahtjen was pastor at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Kansas City until retiring in 1999. He then became a pastor at Melrose Methodist Church and was president of the Historic Kansas City Foundation.

Shawnee County sheriff's Lt. Jay Simecka says authorities do not believe criminal activity was involved in Rahtjen's death.


Ray_Finkle 8 years ago

The idea of fishing naked just makes me cringe. There are some bad things that could happen.

Ronda Miller 8 years ago

Skinny dipping? I hope the faith of his family and friends help at this time of loss.

Shane Garrett 8 years ago

Actually Edun Lake Community has a care takers position open for hire. I was thinking of changing careers. But 77 year old priests are not the kind of campers I was visualizing in my mind playing volleyball in the sand. ummmm, doe nuts!

puddleglum 8 years ago

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stuckinthemiddle 8 years ago

this is about a man being found dead...

in case some of you missed that...

bless this man... and his family and friends...

christy kennedy 8 years ago

A man has died. We know very little about the circumstances. And once again the LJW comment crowd is making jokes. Show a shred of respect. If you can't do it because you're short on empathy, just imagine it was your mom and dad out there on the lake. Or your grandparents, etc. Try it.

KEITHMILES05 8 years ago

This nudist lake was known to have older people and not younger ones. I find it highly suspicious his wife was sitting practically at his feet yet said she had seen him 30-40 minutes prior. Either she is blind or hiding something. A person just doesn't disappear right underneath your nose.

parrothead8 8 years ago

I don't see any mention in the story of "his wife sitting practically at his feet." Where did you read that?

guesswho 8 years ago

Yes, lake Edun is nude spelled backwards but nothing is added to the story by mentioning it is a nudist camp except to invite jokes.

lily 8 years ago

Agreed guesswho. It just encourages the tasteless comments. Sympathy to the family.

dogsandcats 8 years ago

My sympathies to the family.

But when I saw this headline, for a split second my heart jumped in hope it was Fred Phelps.

funkdog1 8 years ago

"Priest" usually means Catholic. Fred's a "pastor." Sort of.

Zachary Stoltenberg 8 years ago

I don't think people are jumping to conclusions or making jokes. According to an earlier KCTV5 story out of Kansas City, his wife confirmed that they often went to the camp. Sympathies to the family, it's going to be hard enough to tell everyone that he died fishing at a nudist camp...

KEITHMILES05 8 years ago

What is a priest doing married anyways? Very suspicious.

hedgehog007 8 years ago

Not really. It says he was a pastor at an Episcopal church. It's Catholic priests who cannot marry.

denak 8 years ago

Not exactly. A Catholic priest can be married if he was married prior to his ordination. So lets say this man decided to go from being an Episcopal Priest to a Catholic Priest, he could do so without divorcing his wife because, in this instance, the Sacrament of Marriage supercedes the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Just thought this was an interesting point of trivia.

As for the story, my sympathies are with his family. That is all that really needs to be said.


KEITHMILES05 8 years ago

Call it what you may but the entire situation is nothing short of a huge freak show. These sort of things generally are more than likely to be much more discrete and not out in the open in a lake area. Bizarre.

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