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Texas tradition

June 19, 2010


To the editor:

Recent news stories about the fate of the Big 12 athletic conference have been hot topics lately. For a while, it would seem that the conference was in serious trouble of failing. Action by the University of Texas has apparently prevented this from happening. While some may be dismayed by this, I applaud the efforts of the University of Texas.

As a long-time fan of the University of Oklahoma teams, I can attest to the long-time rivalry between these two schools. But I have always had a great respect for one of the traditions of UT Austin. At the end of a game, the Texas supporters stand and sing a little song. It goes like this:

“The Eyes of Texas are upon you,

All the live long day,

The Eyes of Texas are upon you,

You cannot get away,

Don’t you think you can escape them,

From night to early in the morn,

The Eyes of Texas are upon you,

Till Gabriel blows his horn.”

This is done whether the team wins or loses. It is an affirmation that “We support you. We will cheer for you, and we expect you to do your best and behave appropriately regardless of the outcome.”

I have always respected the Texas fans and supporters for this attitude, and was glad to see that doing the right thing with this conference problem was ahead of any imagined gain by splitting up the Big 12 and moving a lot of the sports venues to the West Coast.


tantrazoid 7 years, 10 months ago

If you want to anoint any one institution as savior of the Big 12 it really should be Texas A&M, not Texas. The Texas scheme to bolt for the Pac-10 depended on bringing the Aggies along. When A&M called the Longhorn’s bluff and made serious moves towards the SEC, Texas blinked. A&M had no intention of going west. In the end, if A&M had chosen to leave for the SEC, that would have been the end of the Big 12. When it became clear to Texas that A&M would not go along with the Pac-10 deal, they acted purely out of self interest to get the best deal they could with a truncated Big 12. The deal-making included bullying tactics by UT and threats to never play A&M again in any sport if they didn't tow the line. Sadly A&M caved and acted against their own best interests for the long-term (which would have been moving to the SEC).

Clint Church 7 years, 10 months ago

Don't give any of the Texas schools credit for saving the Big 12. All any of them as well as most other large athletics departments want is money. They were simply playing one conference against another to see which one would give them the most .

leighcfa 7 years, 10 months ago

Thanks Fred,

Appreciate that you know the Eyes of Texas, and your generous comments.

I grew up in KC, and therefore I have a huge soft spot for the Jayhawks. It was between KU or UT for uni, and I did choose UT.

It was awfully anxious times to see what would happen to the Big 12, I always wanted it to stay together, and glad it worked out.

I am sorry that UT is getting lots of flack for a perceived "power play", but seriously, is there any school that wasn't looking after its best interest? The additional affect that it kept the conference together a huge plus, and made this KC guy very happy.

I see the usual comments from the Texas A&M Aggies. Only my speculation, but it would not have mattered if A&M went to the SEC and Texas went to the PAC....and it likely would have been the best alternative if they had not both stayed in the Big 12. In fact, compliments to A&M, but in general they are a classier bunch than what I see from the SEC (sorry, just speaking my mind, but it was a compliment to A&M at least!).

It's all moot at this point. Let's just get back to our Big 12 (minus 2) tradition, and the fact that we'll be playing a full schedule against each other.

tantrazoid 7 years, 10 months ago

'but seriously, is there any school that wasn't looking after its best interest?'

Of course you are correct about this so it is idiotic to view texas as a savior of the Big 12.

'The additional affect that it kept the conference together a huge plus, and made this KC guy very happy. '

Again - the Big 12 stayed together becuase A&M elected not to go to the SEC. If they had gone to the SEC the Big 12 would be no more

leighcfa 7 years, 10 months ago

Okay.....then apply your two sentences against each other....logic please

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