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June 19, 2010


University Bridge Club announces results of its June 12 meeting, with hosts Mary Jo Spotts and Willie Stoltenberg.

Blue winners were John Stark, first; Virginia Williams, second; Harold Riehm, third; Roz Zimmerer, fourth; and Walt Hicks, fifth.

Pink winners were Ruth Harwood, first; Willi Stark, second; Carolyn Harden, third; Bonnie Haney, fourth; and Lois Liebert, fifth.

The club’s annual spring party, a dinner meeting and 11 tables playing party bridge, was held Tuesday at Alvamar Country Club. Hosts were Rhetta Jo Noever and Jo Anne Kready.

Blue winners were Dale Kring, first; Mark Kuepker, second; Mary Gaumer, third; Al Smith, fourth; Richard Quinn, fifth; John Golden, sixth; and Harold Riehm, seventh. 

Pink winners were Janet Dunn, first; Wanda Kring, second; Ailene Bocquin, third; Jo Anne Hicks, fourth; Sue Baur, fifth; Dottie Miller, sixth; and Willi Stark, seventh.

The Wednesday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on June 9 was a North American Pairs qualifying round and was directed by Chris Lane. North-South winners were Al Ballard and Margrete Haartman, first in A, B and C; Jan O’Connor and Carol Ball, second in A and B; Vince Nordberg and Steven Vossler, third in A; and Clarice Broz and Marilyn Martin, fourth in A, third in B and second in C. Janice Hollowell and Mary Fenlon qualified as did John Fittell and Bobby Patton.

East-West winners were Catherine Blumenfeld and Grant Sutton, first in A and B; Angie Davidson and Dick Shaffer, second in A and in B, and first in C; Yvonne Hedges and Sally Taylor, third in A and B; and Klee Zaricky and John Oxley, fourth in A. Lois Clark and Shirley Reese also qualified.

The Thursday Morning Mentor Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on June 10 was directed by Chris Lane. Winners were Barbara McCorkle and Becky Mullins, first; Angie Davidson and Marilyn Martin, second; Doris Sindt and Patricia Lechtenberg, third; and Virginia Seaver and Jean Khatib, fourth.

The Friday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on June 11 was a North American Pairs qualifying round and was directed by Virginia Seaver. North-South winners and qualifiers were Vince Nordberg and Jim Stewart, first in A, B and C; Kent McCullough and John Fittell, second in A and B; Dianne Childs and Lois Clark, third in A and B; Steven Vossler and Larry Weatherholt, fourth in A; and V’Anne Desch and Virginia Hamilton, fourth in B. Other qualifiers were Eldon Herd and Jean Otney plus Sally Taylor and Betty Collier.

East-West winners and qualifiers were David Piro and Paul Heitzman, first in A; Lynn Hui and Catherine Blumenfeld, second in A, and first in B and C; John Oxley and Jackie Meyer, third in A; Polly Schoning and Deborah Fair, fourth in A and second in B; Shirley Reese and Yvonne Hedges, third in B; and Jolene Andersen and Jean Khatib, second in C. John Reese and Jay Jenkins also qualified.

The Monday Evening Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on June 14 utilized the Howell movement and was directed by Virginia Seaver. Winners were James Masilamani and Donna Johnson, first in A; Don Bush and Don Childers, second in A and first in B; David Piro and Brian Barrett, third in A; Steven Vossler and Larry Weatherholt tied in fourth in A with Virginia Seaver and Lois Clark; Grant Sutton and Sidney Sutton, second in B; and Jolene Andersen and Jean Khatib, first in C. 

Over the Rainbow Doll Club met June 10 at the home of Janet Lukehart, with co-hosts LouAnne Burgess and Brenda Owens. Members enjoyed an evening celebrating their club doll’s birthday. A report and “thank you” was read from Joyce Helberg, regional director, concerning the items the club donated for the Toni doll being used as a fundraiser for the United Federation of Doll Collectors. Plans were made for a field trip in August to visit the doll display and high-tea at the Hotel Josephine in Holton.


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